Bibliography of Peer-Reviewed Papers

In 2006, Friends of Science commissioned Dr Madhav Khandekar, a retired Environment Canada Research Scientist and co-author of the 64 page "Independent SPM" (download here) to compile for everyone's use a bibliography of peer-reviewed climate science papers, critical of the IPCC's politicised version of the science. This was necessary because of the widely distributed essay in Science by Dr Naomi Oreskes who had conducted a survey with limited key-words, which erroneously concluded that no such papers existed. In our ongoing attempt to educate the public, media and politicians as to the true extent of climate science research, we are offering Madhav's work to the world-wide Climate-Sceptics community. Like the video on our website, we are not claiming copyright. On the contrary, we urge you to copy and distribute this bibliography wherever you can.

The bibliography is presented in two formats: for a straight listing of papers by subject category, with a very brief annotation only, click here. For the totality of Madhav's original work, click here. We hope this will be useful to you. Your comments and additions will be valued.

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