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Shocking Lead Emission Findings Prove Need to Take Action Against Real Pollution – Not CO2


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                 May 25,2005

Friends of Science is a group of climatologists, natural scientists, and concerned Canadians who came together three years ago out of deep concern over the quality of climate change “science” and the process behind the UN’s Kyoto Protocol.
Today, Friends of Science cited Canadian lead pollution levels in the report of the Commission or Environmental Cooperation as evidence that Canada needs a full overhaul of pollution standards, and a review of funds being allocated to the Kyoto Protocol. 
“This report demonstrates that Canada has taken a misguided approach to the environment.  A critical mass of science shows the Kyoto Protocol is built on a faulty assumption; that CO2 is a dangerous pollutant.  The Federal Government is prepared to spend almost $10 billion in a problem that may not exist.  At the same time, Canada is causing real damage every day with lead pollution – a substance that has been known for generations to be a serious health hazard.  It’s time to put the brakes on Kyoto, and accelerate the cleanup of real pollution,” said Dr. Douglas Leahey, President of Friends of Science.


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