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If you like the content in our website, we recommend that you visit some of the following sites.  There are several indexed and searchable archival websites where extensive peer-reviewed material is available.



International Climate Science Coalition 
The Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change
The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition
Fraser Institute Publications
Frontier Centre for Public Policy 
Science and Public Policy Institute
Lavoisier Group Technical References
The Global Warming Policy Foundation
North American Platform Against Wind Power
CO2 Coalition



Climate Change 101
Climate Skeptic
CO2 Science Magazine
The Tropical Meteorology Project
Bussiness Get on Top
Junk Science
Middlebury Community Network
Cooler Heads Coalition
Petition Project
John Daly
Science & Environmental Policy Project 
Global Warming Skeptics
Global Warming Hysteria
Bruderheim REA
Climate Skeptics
The Environmental Issues Page
The Global Warming Page
Climate Depot
Science, Method, Climatology, and Forgetting the Basics
Observatorio ARVAL
Dr. Ross McKitrick
C3 Headlines
The Carbon Sense Coalition
The Mad World of Climatism
NoConsensus - Donna Laframboise
CFact - Climate Change
The Hockeyschtick
Polar Bear Science
Pope's Climate Theory
Climate Discussion Nexus



Climate Audit - Steve McIntyre
Watts Up With That - Anthony Watts
Envirospin Watch
Technology Freedom
Technology Review 
Climate Resistance
Global Warming - Dr. Roy Spencer
Bishop Hill - Andrew Montfort
Real Science - Steven Goddard
JoNova - Jonne Nova
Climate Observations - Bob Tisdale
Climate Etc. - Judith Curry
Climate Lessons
Errors in IPCC Climate Science -Warwick Hughes
Tallbloke's Talkshop
Not a Lot of People Know That - Paul Homewood
A Walk On The Natural Side - Jim Steele 
Parker Gallant Energy Perspectives



Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 
Government of Canada Climate Change


Canadian Surface Temperatures
Wood for Trees Climate Data
KNMI Climate Exployer
Your Environment - Canada
Remote Sensing Systems Lower Troposphere Temperature Data
University of Alabama in Huntsville Lower Troposphere Temperature Data
Hadley Centre - Climate Research Unit HadCRUT4.4 Surface Temperature Data


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