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UN Climate Change Panel IPCC SR15 Report Promotes Crimes Against Humanity says FoSS Calling for its Retraction

UN Climate Change Panel’s recent IPCC SR15 report promotes policies deemed to be a crime against humanity by UN Special Rapporteur as far back as 2007, and should be retracted, says Friends of Science in an open letter. The letter also highlights lack of due diligence on the presumed effectiveness of renewables, negligent review of same, faulty scientific premises, and conflicts of interest.

Global Carbon Tax Law is a Road to Ruin says FoSS in New Billboard Denouncing the Faulty Premises behind Climate Change Crisis Reports

A global carbon tax law is a road to ruin is the message of Friends of Science Society’s new billboard campaign, paired with a second message comparing the sun and earth asking “Is it you? Is it really CO2?” Friends of Science Society denounces the recent Fourth National Assessment and the IPCC SR15 climate change reports as irresponsible fearmongering based on faulty science and simulations.

Deloitte Insights and Climate Reality are Greenwashing the Public on Renewables and Climate Change

Deloitte Insights and Climate Reality are greenwashing the public on renewables and climate change says Friends of Science in a new report entitled “In the Dark on Renewables.” The claim that wind and solar or geothermal have reached price and performance parity with conventional coal or natural gas generation or that 100% renewable is possible is not supported by the math or evidence according to the Friends.

IPCC SR15 Climate Change Report is Based on Faulty Premises that Will Lead to Poor Public Policy

The IPCC SR15 climate change report is based on faulty premises that will lead to poor public policy, says Friends of Science Society, issuing a new rebuttal report. The SR15 mid-range 2030 proposals on carbon taxes of $880 per tonne CO2 would prevent an $8 per tonne CO2 benefit of emissions, giving a net loss of $888 per tonne CO2, wasted funds that could be better applied to adaptation and to real world issues citizens care about.

Carbon Tax and Paris Climate Change Targets Will Decimate Canadian Economy

Citizen’s Climate Lobby is cheering Prime Minister Trudeau’s carbon tax plan and efforts to meet the Paris Agreement climate change targets, but these will decimate the Canadian economy says Friends of Science Society. Citing the outcomes of similar policies in Europe and the UK, Friends of Science forecast an ‘industrial massacre,’ crushing debt for young adults, and that rapid decarbonization proposed by the IPCC will result in mass deaths, citing Cambridge professor Michael J. Kelly.

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