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Facebook Fact Checkers Fail on Shellenberger Apology

(Calgary, Alberta, Canada) Facebook has relied on two fact-checking bodies, Science Feedback and Climate Feedback to assess a recent article by author and environmentalist Michael Shellenberger, about his new book “Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All”. The fact checkers rate it as ‘partly false news’. Facebook now blocks the distribution of Shellenberger’s article and downgrades any Facebook page that posts it. Video: Facebook Fact Checkers Fail: Friends of Science Society called Facebook out with this post - Facebook: Act Thoughtfully to Maintain Freedom of Speech and the Integrity of Scientific Inquiry - denouncing this insidious censorship.

Lomborg’s “False Alarm” Ends the Climate Crisis and WEF’s Great Reset

(Calgary, Alberta) Just as every climate activist and low-carbon investor were set to cash in on The Great Reset plan of the World Economic Forum, Bjorn Lomborg’s book, “False Alarm: How Climate Change Panic Costs us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet” comes out. Highly readable, very comforting, and inspiring, Lomborg debunks the Club of Rome’s 50-year romance with limits to growth, depopulation, and climate emergency claims. Lomborg’s book is packed with facts, evidence, and detailed economic analysis, showing that the climate crisis is a figment of the imagination of green billionaires and their proxy activist environmental groups. Lomborg accepts that human caused climate change is real; he shows it is not a catastrophe. He references the mainstream Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports and William Nordhaus’ economic evaluations of climate damages. Lomborg makes his own case that adaptation is cheaper, faster, smarter, and more beneficial than senseless, expensive low-carbon mitigation efforts. The climate crisis is dead. A resounding blow delivered by reason and logic.

Marijn Poels - Climate and Free Speech Documentaries Online Free of Charge

The Friends of Science will webcast the complete trilogy of climate change and freedom of speech documentaries by award-winning, independent European filmmaker Marijn Poels. This free-of-charge, exclusive screening will be available with English subtitles via its YouTube Channel from June to September 2020. Poels’ first film of the trilogy was his climate documentary – “The Uncertainty Has Settled” - produced three years ago. Poels was struck by the loss of agricultural productivity and freedoms in his own land. Europe’s green energy policies were driving more and more farmers into becoming energy suppliers through biofuels, wind, and solar farms, rather than food crops. The second film entitled “PARADOGMA” looks at the polarization in our Western society and the demonization of people who are skeptical of the IPCC's consensus view of climate change. The film explains why true liberty needs heretics. In the third part of the trilogy titled “Return to Eden” Poels visits inspiring people worldwide who adapt to the changing climate instead of regulating.

Climate of Fear – Conversations that Matter with Stuart McNish

Veteran journalist Stuart McNish continues his exploration of the strange phenomenon of being deemed a ‘heretic’ or ‘denier’ for questioning climate change dogma in his latest long-form interview “Climate of Fear”. McNish talks with Michelle Stirling, Communications Manager for Friends of Science Society, about the psychology behind the false 97% consensus claims and the “Big Green” money behind the environmental/climate change mass movements. McNish has interviewed a number of scientists in the field of climate science, ranging from Princeton University professor William Happer, to Greg Flato of Environment Canada. A new paper by Ken Gregory, P. Eng. of Friends of Science Society, entitled: “Climate Sensitivity by Energy Balance with Urban and Natural Warming” serves another blow to ‘consensus’ thinking. Gregory reports on recent papers showing the warming caused by greenhouse gases is only 35% of the warming estimated by climate models.

“Clean Green” Quebec will not Meet Climate Targets

Despite vast hydro reserves and a very good mass transit Metro system, the province of Quebec will not meet its climate targets, according to a new report “The Contradictions in Quebec Climate Policy”, says Friends of Science Society. The report has been issued in French and English with accompanying videos. Author of the report, Ottawa energy policy consultant Robert Lyman, was a federal public servant for 27 years and diplomat for 10 years. According to Lyman, there are major contradictions in Quebec’s policy that will make their extreme greenhouse gas reduction targets extremely difficult to meet. Quebec is one of the world’s lowest emitting jurisdiction. Even so, Quebec has adopted the most stringent climate policies of any Canadian province.

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