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Canada-France Climate and Culture Deal Unlikely to Save Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Canada and France signed a new climate and cultural agreement that is unlikely to save Kinder Morgan pipeline or the Canadian economy, says Friends of Science Society. Though Ecofiscal Commission issued a report claiming Canadians are concerned about climate change and would want a carbon price if they understood it, Friends of Science has issued a rebuttal, noting climate change is dead last on the list of Canadian priorities in an Abacus Data survey.

Canadian Climate Change Minister Falters on Effects of Carbon Tax as Friends of Science Announces Annual Event “Extreme Climate Uncertainty”

Canada’s Minister of Climate Change and Environment faltered in the House of Commons and on CTV’s Question Period with Evan Solomon, unable to answer how much a carbon tax would reduce emissions or warming, says Friends of Science. This has heightened public interest in Friends of Science Society’s 15th Annual Event – this year entitled “Extreme Climate Uncertainty.”

Paris Agreement Climate Change Targets are Unattainable- FoS Calls for a Review of the Science

Canada’s federal environment commission auditor says Canada will miss Paris Agreement climate change (GHG reduction) targets, a finding which Friends of Science says is self-evident, unless the country’s economy is to be shut down. Friends of Science reject the position that human effects on climate change presents a crisis and calls for a review of the science in light of US energy policy changes; new findings show that human industrial carbon dioxide emissions have a nominal impact on climate change.

Bloomberg "Dirty Oil" Headline Denigrates Environmentally Responsible Alberta Oil Sands

Bloomberg report makes false 'dirty oil' claims about Alberta oil sands emissions, says Friends of Science, stating the Bloomberg emissions are exaggerated, and Alberta has been a climate and environmental leader since 2002. Recent reports show numerous Canadian environmental groups have been funded by offshore money to denigrate the oil sands in an apparent ‘cloaked-in-green’ trade war against Canadian resources, according to the Friends, who say it is time to unfriend ENGOs.

Activist Investors and CDP Worldwide are Skewing Canadian Investment and Energy Markets

While Canada’s TransMountain pipeline faces public blockades, Friends of Science Society says Canadian energy industries are more damaged by the activist investors of United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) and CDP Worldwide reports that have negatively affected investor, insurer and banking perceptions of Canada’s oil sands. Friends of Science says a fundamental faulty definition of climate change is to blame.

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