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Trump-Trudeau Tiff over G7 on Backdrop of Climate Change Trade War started by France

The G7 summit in Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada ended on a sour note as President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau began a war of words, but Friends of Science says Canada has been acting as a proxy for France, trying to force the USA back into the Paris climate change agreement.

Trump, Tariffs, Grand Prix and Controversial Climate Change Billboards Cross Paths in Quebec

As Formula-1 Grand Prix jet-setters descend on Montreal and G7 delegates arrive in Charlevoix for climate change and trade talks this week, Friends of Science Society welcomes them with a controversial new billboard campaign. The English and French video billboards are running in the popular café/restaurant district on the corner of St. Catherine and Drummond in Montreal, featuring the messages that "carbon dioxide is not a control knob that can fine tune climate, it’s the sun," and “Say No to climate CO2-coercion.”

Inquiry not Dogma says Award-winning Dutch Filmmaker and Canadian Climate Change Scientist

Award-winning Dutch filmmaker Marijn Poels and Canadian climate change scientist Dr. Madhav Khandekar dismantled the dogma of Global Editors Network and Dr. Suzuki-style climate hysteria in one evening at Friends of Science Society’s 15th Annual Event entitled: “Extreme Climate Uncertainty.” Poels challenged the audience with evidence that food security is at risk due to ‘green’ energy policies while Dr. Khandekar deconstructed climate alarmism with convincing evidence that extreme weather is mostly media hype.

Canadians Demand Transparency on Carbon Tax and Foreign Funding of Activists like Suzuki

Canadians demand transparency on carbon tax and foreign funding of activists like Dr. Suzuki, his foundation and other ENGO charities in University of Alberta controversy says Friends of Science. Meanwhile, Bonn climate talks stalled as finances and the unattainable targets keep US uncommitted to return, a crucial issue in Canadian climate policy rejectionist stance on carbon taxes and Paris Agreement.

Canada Should Leave Paris Agreement and Align with US; Rebuttal Report to Federal Carbon Price Paper

As climate change bureaucrats meet in Bonn to hash out a Paris Agreement rule book for COP24 meeting in Katowice, Poland, Friends of Science Society issues a new report that calls on the Canadian government to align climate change and energy policies with the US. Friends of Science says the federal government’s recent carbon pricing report provides no evidence to support its claims and that Canadians are already suffering from carbon taxes and climate policies.

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