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ShareAction, CDP and UNPRI Must Update Climate Change Science Statements to Reflect Climate Model Failures; September 28, 2017

ShareAction, CDP Worldwide and UNPRI must update their climate change science to reflect the reported failure of climate modeled simulations which are running too hot, says Friends of Science Society. Climate catastrophe claims stem from outdated climate simulations which the financial community continues to use to drive subsidies and renewables policies, neither of which effectively address climate change and both damage the world’s economy says Friends of Science.

Dutch Filmmaker’s Movie Questioning Climate Science and Renewables Policy to be Screened Oct. 18 in EU Parliament; September 21, 2017

Dutch filmmaker Marijn Poels has worked in developing nations on food security, only to return home to the EU and find farmers “growing” nothing but subsidized wind farms and biofuels…not potatoes. His film documents his disturbing journey from certainty about climate change to the unsettled nature of the science and policy in interviews with Hans von Storch, Freeman Dyson: it will be screened Oct. 18, 2017 in the EU Parliament.

Ecojustice Climate Science Inquiry Claims Challenged by Mainstream Media; September 19, 2017

Ecojustice Society Canada, a federally registered charity in Canada, claims more money is needed by the Competition Bureau to continue an investigation into Friends of Science Society for billboards that question climate science. Mainstream media have taken up the battle, with commentators stating the case does not fit the ambit of the Competition Act and it infringes on Freedom of Speech.

Global Warming Comments at Hand-in-Hand Fundraiser Mislead the Public ; September 14, 2017

Global Warming comments like those of Stevie Wonder at Hand-in-Hand fundraiser mislead the public and divert funding from climate change adaptation and real needs of cities says Friends of Science. Friends of Science has just released two reports on climate change issues for the City of Calgary and says many cities sit on known flood plains and do little or nothing constructive to mitigate damage from transient weather events.

Task Force on Climate Disclosure puts Canadian Economic Sovereignty at Risk; August 31, 2017

In a letter to the Ontario Securities Commission, Friends of Science Society challenge the claims of the UNPRI and Task Force on Climate Disclosure Recommendations, saying these will put Canada’s economic sovereignty at risk. Despite TD Bank and Royal Bank reportedly agreeing to the Task Force recommendations, Friends of Science Society says the premise is based on false and misleading interpretations of climate science.

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