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Good News for Greta and WEF on Climate from Friends of Science

Good News for Greta and WEF on Climate from Friends of Science (Calgary, Alberta) Friends of Science Society in Canada has produced a new video on CLINTEL's climate intelligence letter to the World Economic Forum (WEF) entitled “Good News for Greta.” CLINTEL, the climate intelligence group of more than 800 international scientists and professionals, including Nobel award-winner Ivar Giaever, issued a new plain language climate science report, sent with a letter to Borge Brende, president of the World Economic Forum (WEF), explaining there is no climate emergency, a position supported by Friends of Science. Friends of Science Society has studied climate science and related energy policies since 2002 and the days of Kyoto. Then as now, the science is uncertain and no emergency foreseen, as explained by Dr. Madhav Khandekar.

Australian Wildfire Facts Blocked by IFCN

Australian wildfire facts are being blocked from public distribution by the International Fact Check Network (IFCN), Poynter Institute and facebook. Friends of Science Society has issued a rebuttal to Climate Feedback’s Australian wildfire analysis, a member of IFCN, that claims human-caused ‘climate change’ is the culprit behind Australian wildfire stories, not arsonists or untenable fuel load. In turn, relying on Climate Feedback’s ‘authority’, facebook has been demoting page quality of those who post Australian wildfire stories that don’t fit the climate catastrophe narrative. Friends of Science wildfire expert says “fuel rules” in the case of wildfires, not temperature.

“Fear and Loathing”- An Exposé of the Tar Sands Campaign

(Calgary, Alberta) “Fear and Loathing” is a new exposé of the Tar Sands Campaign, released by Friends of Science Society. The report explores how Canada’s national economic treasure, the Alberta oil sands, has been turned into an international pariah, and the many forces behind the Tar Sands Campaign. “Fear and Loathing” broadens the widely held view that the Tar Sands Campaign is just a means of American oil and gas interests gaining competitive ground, to reveal a much bigger picture. Many of the actors associated with the Tar Sands Campaign as funders or activist environmental groups (ENGOs) are also associated with the ClimateWorks Foundation’s “Design to Win” campaign to push global cap and trade, carbon pricing and to put trillions of their “renewable” vested interests on the grid.

Smart Prosperity’s Tragic Delusion on Clean Economy

(Calgary) A group calling itself “Smart Prosperity” has issued a report entitled “Eight Reasons to Build a Clean Economy Now,” filled with tragic delusions about ‘clean or low-carbon economy’ – most of which have been rebutted by Friends of Science Society’s report “Grounded in Reality,” and Ottawa energy policy consultant, Robert Lyman’s report - “Clean Growth Hallucination”. In “Grounded in Reality,” Friends of Science Society show that clean-tech or low-carbon economies are largely mythical terms and investors have been burned. In 2013, then CIO of CalPERS, Joseph Dear, told the Wall Street Journal that clean-tech was an “L for lose” investment and “Just because it’s a good idea doesn’t make it a good investment …This has been a noble way to lose money.”

Ecofiscal Carbon Tax Claims are Wrong

(CALGARY) Ecofiscal Commission is misleading the public with false information on carbon taxes, says Friends of Science. The recent Ecofiscal report “Bridging the Gap” falsely claims carbon taxes drive greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions, disproven by research in Norway which showed carbon taxes had only a miniscule 2% reduction effect. Likewise, Ecofiscal claims that regulations might need to be imposed to reach targets. According to “Canada’s Carbon Taxation: It’s Worse Than Thought,” a comprehensive report by former public servant and diplomat, Robert Lyman, Canada already has some 600 GHG regulations/incentives. These regulations are a tremendous burden on the economy which have never been audited for effectiveness.

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