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NYTimes “Losing Earth” is an Unbalanced Narrative of Climate Catastrophe Hype

The New York Times devoted a full magazine to a long, one-sided dystopian tale of woe on climate change, focussing mostly on the role of an environmental activist and activist scientist, with no balance and no proper framing of climate change science uncertainties, says Friends of Science Society. This kind of apocalyptic coverage creates a Cargo Cult society, with simplistic claims supporting unrealistic proposals.

Charities are Supposed to Provide a Net Public Benefit, Not Push for Changes to Climate Policies

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice may be making a big mistake overturning a Canada Revenue Agency Charities guideline that limited political activities of charities, on grounds that it interfered with freedom of speech, says Friends of Science Society. Millions of dollars of foreign funds donated to activist Canadian environmental charities have been used to advocate for climate change policies that serve the interests of foreigners and this must be stopped and repealed, not encouraged, says Friends of Science.

Canadian Judge in BC Court Rejects Climate Change as Cause for Pipeline Blockade

In a British Columbia court ruling regarding protestors' violations of an injunction against trespass on Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion project (Docket: S183541), Judge Affleck flatly rejected a defence that climate change was a higher obligation than rule of law in the province. Canadian youth questioning pipeline construction and climate risks should watch Marijn Poels' video clips on Friends of Science YouTube and his film “The Uncertainty Has Settled.”

David Suzuki's Attack on Friends of Science Countered with Expose of Suzuki Fund’s Astroturf Corporate Connections

David Suzuki unleashed an attack on Friends of Science Society in the Georgia Straight, but Friends of Science has responded with an expose blog post questioning the Suzuki Fund’s astroturf operations. In related news, Friends of Science has issued an open letter to the Prime Minister of Canada on foreign interference in domestic climate and energy policies.

Censorship of Climate Change Minister’s Parody Account on Twitter Heightens Canadian Carbon Tax Revolt

Canada’s Minister of Climate Change and Environment reportedly asked Twitter to take down a parody account saying it promoted fake news and impersonated her, says Friends of Science. In response, Canadians have begun questioning what they see as fake news coming from the Minister herself, driving an already powerful Canadian carbon tax revolt which The Economist reports is in full swing.

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