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FoS News Release March 28, 2013

Health Stats and Global Warming Fears in Coal Emissions Report by Pembina Institute disputed by Top Scientist. Pembina has called upon Alberta to close its coal-fired plants claiming their emissions cause 100 premature deaths per year, health costs and global warming. Economist Dr. Ross McKitrick disputes the statistical fear-mongering of the Pembina Institute on the emission health effects. "The Pembina model attributes over half the annual deaths in the province to airborne fine particulates. I find this implausible, to say the least," says McKitrick.

FoS News Release March 22, 2013

Earth Hour Plays on Climate Change Fears. Our 'Blue Dot' is adrift in a cosmic soup of powerful solar winds, magnetic fields, and cosmic rays; even the Vatican Observatory has studied the heavens for hundreds of years. Climate change focus on global warming and carbon dioxide (CO2) is near-sighted, causing wasteful climate policies that have pushed millions into a "heat or eat poverty crisis" that is based on faulty science.

FoS News Release March 21, 2013

Carbon Tax Proposition as a Trade-off for Keystone XL Pipeline is a Crazy Idea for Canada. Carbon taxes in Europe have forced families into a 'heat or eat' crisis, white collar crime in the carbon trades and sky-rocketing energy prices that devastate small business. Carbon taxes do nothing for the environment while removing billions of dollars from the productive stream of value-added enterprises like manufacturing, innovation and hi-tech.

FoS News Release March 12, 2013

NY Times Diatribe on Climate Science of Keystone XL Pipeline and Tar Sands Challenged by Friends of Science. Climate catastrophe thinking about global warming and carbon dioxide is not supported by scientific evidence say Friends of Science, pointing to Thomas Friedman's recent anti-Keystone op-ed. Instead, unusual solar activity suggests that cooling, not global warming threatens civilization.

FoS News Release March 7, 2013

Global Warming in Alberta Reveals Massive Big Rock Under Melted Ice, Say Friends of Science Climate action supporters and anti-Keystone pipeline protestors who claim oil sands emissions could push earth's climate over the brink are unaware of geological history and the overall cooling trends of earth. Friends of Science announce "Big Rock" climate science education drive in the media.

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