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Hayhoe Alberta Climate Report Misleading and Inaccurate

(Calgary, Alberta) A new report entitled “Facts vs Fortune Telling” deconstructs ‘alarming’ claims of the “Alberta’s Climate Future” report which was written by noted climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe and colleague Anne Stoner. In an open letter to Premier Jason Kenney and the Hon. Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks, Friends of Science Society advises Alberta’s government to reject the Hayhoe report as misleading and inaccurate. The Friends of Science team reviewed the longest-term temperature records in the province and found there is little evidence to support any of the claims in the Hayhoe & Stoner report. Hayhoe & Stoner only used data from 1950 to 2013 which gives a falsely exaggerated rising temperature trend.

CLINTEL calls on Guterres to Halt Green Energy Push and Open Climate Debate

(Calgary, Alberta) Friends of Science Society reports that CLINTEL, the international climate intelligence organization of over 800 scientists, scholars and professionals, has sent a registered letter to UN Sec. Gen. Antonio Guterres advising him to halt the push for green energy and open up the climate debate. The letter is in response to Guterres’ presentation in the Petersburg Virtual Dialogue. Guterres laid out six points in his presentation that Friends of Science Society says are completely contradictory. Though Guterres called for investment in green jobs as a means of economic recovery, studies show that 2.2 conventional jobs are lost for every green job. Likewise, he calls for governments not to bail out polluting industries. Most ‘green’ energy devices are highly polluting. Much of so-called ‘clean-tech’ requires rare earth minerals, leaving behind a toxic environment in developing nations. Wind turbine blades are being buried in land fills as they cannot be recycled. Solar panels are filled with toxic materials and can only be recycled with great difficulty and much energy demand. As reported by energy expert and author, Prof. Emeritus Vaclav Smil, “To Get Wind, You Need Oil”.

US Climate Scientist James Hansen Pushes for Canadian Carbon Tax Serfdom

The Canadian Federation of Taxpayers (CTF) has issued a new report on global carbon taxes, showing most countries have frozen or rolled back carbon taxes, but US climate scientist James Hansen is pushing for a $210/t carbon tax in Canada by 2030. Hansen’s argument is that the tax has to be high enough that people will buy into the carbon dividend (rebate to lower income households) – effectively making Canadians into carbon serfs and a carbon welfare society. CTF reports: “About half of the emissions covered by carbon taxes are priced below US$10/tCO2e, according to the World Bank’s most recent State and Trends of Carbon Pricing (2019).” Canada has more than 600 greenhouse gas reduction/incentive measures on the books, which have never been audited for effectiveness.

Politicians, Activists and UN Climate Czar Mark Carney are Greenwashing You

(CALGARY) Canadian politicians Elizabeth May and Yves-François Blanchet are greenwashing the public, says Friends of Science Society. May’s claim that “Oil is dead” and Blanchet claiming the Alberta “tar sands” oil has no market in interviews with Vassey Kapelos on CBC’s “Power and Politics” show the two are misinformed on energy markets. As discussed by EU energy expert and author Prof. Samuel Furfari in Counterpoint April 22, 2020, the recent oil price shock was due to the COVID19 sudden drop in demand.

Fight Virus not Carbon – CLINTEL to World Leaders

(Calgary, Alberta) In an open letter to world leaders, CLINTEL, the international climate intelligence organization based in Holland, is calling for world leaders to abandon NetZero2050 and Green New Deal climate plans to focus on COVID19 reconstruction. The CLINTEL letter is signed by national ambassadors of the organization from countries around the world, including Professor Fritz Vahrenholt of Germany. In recent years, Vahrenholt has called on government officials to refrain from hasty policies on climate and renewable energy, saying “Let’s not commit economic suicide”. In a 2012 interview in Der Spiegel with Prof. Vahrenholt, who was an environmental activist and author from early on in his career, he stated he felt he’d been ‘duped on climate’ and thus became outspoken on the matter. Vahrenholt is co-author of the book “The Neglected Sun” wherein he and Sebastien Lüning present solid evidence of the solar influence on climate change.

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