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Google Pushing Al Gore’s Sequel Contradicts Findings of Google Engineers Who Concluded Renewable is Not Doable; August 10, 2017

Friends of Science Society is asking how Google can be promoting Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Sequel” and renewables in a recent YouTube interview, when Google’s own engineers, after years of work with unlimited funds, found that renewable energy is not doable and it does not address climate change.

Totalitarian Tendencies of Climate Change Activists Destroying Canada’s Economy; August 1, 2017

With activists harassing banks financing Kinder Morgan pipeline and vows by recently elected BC NDP government to block the approved Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, Canada’s economy is being destroyed by a ‘no fossil fuels’ mentality, says Friends of Science.

Climate Change Statements by Al Gore on BC Wildfires and Trans Mountain Pipeline Disputed; July 25, 2017

An interview with Al Gore posted in Maclean’s magazine in which he blames British Columbia wildfires on climate change is disputed by Friends of Science Society, referencing wildfire experts and Friends of Science recent video production “Climate Science and the Myths of Renewable Energy” starring author Steve Goreham. Friends of Science also says Gore using wildfire tragedy as a lever for climate catastrophe hype to push carbon pricing and renewables, along with his questioning of Canada’s approved Trans Mountain pipeline project, is irresponsible meddling.

Anti-Oil Pipeline Activists Challenge Democracy and No Global Competitor will Follow Trudeau’s Climate Change Leadership; July 20, 2017

Ottawa energy policy consultant, Robert Lyman, explains anti-oil pipeline blockades threaten democracy and that no global competitor countries will follow Prime Minister Trudeau’s climate change leadership because world energy demand is growing. According to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, pipeline blockades cost Canada $50 million a day, and activists are now harassing banks and credit unions like Desjardins to pull out of pipeline financing.

Intervention in Canadian Banking Called for as Climate Change Activists Skew Investment and Finance Markets; July 13, 2017

With the recent announcement that Desjardins Group may withdraw financing from pipeline KinderMorgan, the Swedish group AP7 puling out of six energy companies, and on-going attacks on banks by ENGOs, Friends of Science are calling on regulatory authorities to intervene on principles of Canada’s Competition Act and World Trade Organization premises. Friends of Science says the Paris Agreement is based on faulty science and that ENGOs, using a climate change mantra, appear to be acting as proxies in a geopolitical trade war against Canadian resources.

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