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CNN Climate Hustles Alberta while CFACT Film Outs the Climate Monarchy

CNN climate hustles the Alberta oil sands with a distorted story on emissions as the US pre-election Tar Sands Campaign heats up. Friends of Science says two new films, “Climate Hustle 2” (which debuts online Sept 24th) and “Return to Eden” (now live on Friends of Science YouTube) show there is no climate crisis. The truth is that “China emits in one month (819 Mt/month) about what Canada emits in one and a half years”, as explained in a Friends of Science report by Robert Lyman entitled “Futile Folly.” Lyman, an Ottawa energy policy consultant, says Canada’s climate policies in the global context are “…extraordinarily expensive and dangerous political grandstanding…. Canadians deserve better.”

Call for Retraction of University of Alberta Report by Friends of Science Society

In an open letter to University of Alberta President Bill Flanagan, Friends of Science Society calls for the retraction of a U of A report entitled “Assessing Barriers to Renewable Energy Development in Alberta: Evidence from a Survey on Wind Energy with Rural Landowners”. Friends of Science Society states that the report, written by students and professors in the Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology and funded by taxpayers through SSHRC, makes false and disparaging remarks about the society whose membership includes many U of A alumni in earth sciences, engineering, and management. Furthermore, the report inaccurately frames Alberta as a laggard in wind energy, when in fact the province was the first jurisdiction in Canada to have a wind farm, dating back to 1993.

Canadian Climate Policy Pancaking – Economic Suicide to Meet Mythical Paris Targets

Two new reports by Ottawa energy policy consultant, Robert Lyman, published by Friends of Science Society, show that Canada is committing economic suicide, attempting to meet self-imposed, mythical Paris Agreement targets, then pancaking clean fuel standards on top of this hot mess. Robert Lyman is a former public servant of 27 years and a diplomat for 10 years. In “Litigating Climate in Canada”, Lyman points out that the Paris Agreement has few obligations for Canada. Lyman’s second report, “The Clean Fuel Standard – The Latest in Climate Pancaking” offers a plain language tour through the Byzantine world of effectively counting carbon dioxide molecules in grams of CO2e per megajoule. In a public presentation for the recent Conference, “Firewall Plus: Alberta’s Options to get a Fair Deal. Now!”, Michelle Stirling, Communications Manager for Friends of Science Society, presented a number of surprising geopolitical aspects of the climate movement.

Facebook Fact Checkers Fail on Shellenberger Apology

(Calgary, Alberta, Canada) Facebook has relied on two fact-checking bodies, Science Feedback and Climate Feedback to assess a recent article by author and environmentalist Michael Shellenberger, about his new book “Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All”. The fact checkers rate it as ‘partly false news’. Facebook now blocks the distribution of Shellenberger’s article and downgrades any Facebook page that posts it. Video: Facebook Fact Checkers Fail: Friends of Science Society called Facebook out with this post - Facebook: Act Thoughtfully to Maintain Freedom of Speech and the Integrity of Scientific Inquiry - denouncing this insidious censorship.

Lomborg’s “False Alarm” Ends the Climate Crisis and WEF’s Great Reset

(Calgary, Alberta) Just as every climate activist and low-carbon investor were set to cash in on The Great Reset plan of the World Economic Forum, Bjorn Lomborg’s book, “False Alarm: How Climate Change Panic Costs us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet” comes out. Highly readable, very comforting, and inspiring, Lomborg debunks the Club of Rome’s 50-year romance with limits to growth, depopulation, and climate emergency claims. Lomborg’s book is packed with facts, evidence, and detailed economic analysis, showing that the climate crisis is a figment of the imagination of green billionaires and their proxy activist environmental groups. Lomborg accepts that human caused climate change is real; he shows it is not a catastrophe. He references the mainstream Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports and William Nordhaus’ economic evaluations of climate damages. Lomborg makes his own case that adaptation is cheaper, faster, smarter, and more beneficial than senseless, expensive low-carbon mitigation efforts. The climate crisis is dead. A resounding blow delivered by reason and logic.

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