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FoS News Release March 12, 2013

NY Times Diatribe on Climate Science of Keystone XL Pipeline and Tar Sands Challenged by Friends of Science. Climate catastrophe thinking about global warming and carbon dioxide is not supported by scientific evidence say Friends of Science, pointing to Thomas Friedman's recent anti-Keystone op-ed. Instead, unusual solar activity suggests that cooling, not global warming threatens civilization.

FoS News Release March 7, 2013

Global Warming in Alberta Reveals Massive Big Rock Under Melted Ice, Say Friends of Science Climate action supporters and anti-Keystone pipeline protestors who claim oil sands emissions could push earth's climate over the brink are unaware of geological history and the overall cooling trends of earth. Friends of Science announce "Big Rock" climate science education drive in the media.

FoS News Release March 5, 2013

Snow Blankets Northern Countries Contrary to Global Warming Predictions meaning Governments are basing Climate Change Policies on Faulty Science say Friends of Science. Global warming advocates predicted 13 years ago that soon children would never see snow due to climate change. Surprisingly, the recent heavy snowfalls are instead being touted by advocates as evidence of global warming.

FoS News Release February 26, 2013

Swept away by global warming climate change hysteria, governments are not ready for crop failures and shorter growing seasons of global cooling, foreshadowed by low solar activity. Though NASA is currently reporting a massive sunspot, solar cycle 24, our current phase, has been half as active as previous cycles suggesting another imminent Little Ice Age that could devastate food production for decades.

Open Letter to Premier Redford January 25, 2013

Friends of Science have issued an open letter to Premier Alison Redford in response to her public address of Jan. 24, 2013. Our position is that carbon capture and reduction methods are a wasteful diversion of public funds, and based on faulty science.

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