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Happy No Carbon Tax New Year - Global Warming Stopped Years Ago: Jan. 2, 2014

Ripples of the 2008 global recession go on with taxpayers around the world struggling to meet food prices at near historic highs, rising energy prices due to climate change taxes and levies, and continued high unemployment rates across much of the Eurozone. Friends of Science note that carbon taxes and penalties, and incentive programs for biofuels negatively affect economic recovery and taxpayer's pocketbooks; abolishing unnecessary carbon taxes and climate change policies would greatly assist taxpayers in having a happier New Year.

Floods Make Top Ten Weather Stories But Climate Change Not Responsible for Damage Dec. 31, 2013

Calgary and area floods, along with tropical storm Haiyan and SuperStorm Standy are tragedies rooted in geography and the human desire to settle on low-lying land near waterfronts - and are not caused by climate change or global warming, says Friends of Science. Historical evidence shows that Tacloban in the Philippines was nearly destroyed by a typhoon in November 1912 when half the population of 30,000 was killed; yet the area remained populated and was devastated again in November 2013.

Cold Weather Extremes Are the New Climate Reality Dec 26, 2013

The Focus on Global Warming means Society Is unprepared for cold weather extremes says Friends of Science. As ice storms put much of Ontario into the cold and dark for Christmas, Friends of Science are citing a recent report by Dr. Madhav Khandekar that indicates cold weather extremes are on the rise; this trend is under reported in the media, and virtually unnoticed by climate researchers at the IPCC.

Rolling Blackouts Threaten UK due to Renewables Dec 17, 2013

As winter sets in across Europe, UK newspapers are reporting that utility companies in Britain are forecasting power blackouts as their reliable capacity drops while rising carbon taxes and subsidies for wind farms make utilities operations unprofitable and the grid unmanageable. Friends of Science say carbon taxes are an unnecessary burden as the sun is the main driver of climate change, not carbon dioxide.

Accountant and Investment Adviser Liability Looms Dec 5, 2013

As green economies collapse world-wide, Friends of Science question the liability of accountants and investment advisers directing clients 'toward a green economy' to stop global warming. Accountants have promoted the theoretical risk of carbon penalties, recommending investments that have lead to spectacular failures like the bankrupt Better Place and ouster of Siemen's 'green' leader Loescher.