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Open Letter to Premier Redford January 25, 2013

Friends of Science have issued an open letter to Premier Alison Redford in response to her public address of Jan. 24, 2013. Our position is that carbon capture and reduction methods are a wasteful diversion of public funds, and based on faulty science.

FOS News Release January 11, 2013

Secret Santa Whistleblower Files End Climate Change Catastrophe Cult, Says Friends of Science. Laframboise releases "Secret Santa" Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) internal files that reveal more attempts by agenda-driven activists to skew the science on climate change. In 2012 the UK met weather office revealed no global warming for at least 16 years while IPCC admits global warming predictions were way off and there is no trend in extreme weather.

FoS News Release December 20, 2012

Leaked Draft of UN Climate Report Admits then Evades Role of Solar Cycles in Climate Change says Friends of Science. In a stunning revelation, the IPCC report shows that climate models failed to predict the last 16 years wherein there was no global warming and states there is no trend in the frequency or magnitude of storms, droughts and floods on a global scale. "The evidence shows the sun, not CO2, is the main driver of climate change," say Friends of Science.

FoS News Release December 10, 2012

Climate change global warming crisis "cult" misleads governments, terrorizes citizens, and wastes resources say Friends of Science. Carbon dioxide reduction and 'damage aid' are more forms of "Kyoto Carbon Kleptomania" based on incomplete science and inaccurate computer models. The rush to renewable energy that is not market ready or reliable has forced millions into fuel poverty, hunger and nations into bankruptcy.

FoS News Release November 23. 2012

On the heels of the UK Daily Mail reporting that global temperatures stopped warming 16 years ago, SHAW TV Calgary (Channel 10) will air complete coverage of "UN Climate Panel: Activist and Untrustworthy" by investigative journalist and author Donna Laframboise held at Calgary's Metropolitan Center on October 17, 2012. She was the guest speaker at the 9th Annual Friends of Science luncheon co-sponsored by the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.

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