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FoS Report Disputes Pembina's Claims on Coal Plants Sept 11, 2013

Friends of Science Report Disputes Health and Climate Change Claims of Pembina Institute on Alberta Coal Plants. Statistical misrepresentations, faulty global warming claims and conflicts of interest in the "Costly Diagnosis" report by Pembina Institute should invalidate its call for an early shut-down of Alberta coal plants. In rebuttal, Friends of Science today released their report -"Costly Misinformed Diagnosis" which details how the move from inexpensive coal power to wind has pushed thousands into heat-or-eat fuel poverty in the UK, with significant health impacts and thousands of deaths.

EU and US Ask IPCC about 16 Years No Warming Sept 5, 2013

EU and US Ask for IPCC Climate Change Clarification on 16 Years No Warming Say Friends of Science. German researchers reveal that 65 climate change models failed to predict the current 16 years of no warming leading EU and UK officials to ask the IPCC for clarification. Friends of Science point out that climate change policies around the world are in question and refer to research that shows the sun is the main driver of climate change, not carbon dioxide (CO2).

Global Warming Stopped in 1998: August 27, 2013

A team of prominent German climatologists finds that global warming stopped fifteen years ago, in stark contrast to computer models and New York Times predictions of climate change calamities. Friends of Science say climate change computer models used in IPCC reports are not a reliable basis for climate change policies; governments should stop scaring people and stop squandering billions on carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction.

Alberta Wind Farm Risks Underground Pipelines August 22, 2013

Alberta Wind Farm Risks Underground Pipelines and Continental Energy Supply Says Friends of Science; No Benefit to Climate Change or Global Warming. Stray voltage from wind farms may cause corrosion in buried oil and gas pipelines and catastrophically interrupt continental energy supply say Friends of Science. Their position is that this Alberta Schools purpose-built wind farm decision is ill-advised, a non-transparent use of taxpayers' funds and won't help the environment as the sun drives global warming and climate change, not carbon dioxide (CO2).

The Sun Foretells Global Cooling August 15, 2013

Spectacular NASA Images Illustrate Sun as a Driver of Global Warming and Climate Change Foretells Global Cooling Says Friends of Science. NASA's dramatic video of a black-topped sun on the verge of flipping its magnetic polarity has captivated people. Friends of Science say the current low solar sunspot activity, not seen in 200 years, is a pattern that historically preceded global cooling and that the sun is the main driver of climate change, not carbon dioxide.

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