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Cook Study 0.5% Consensus, not 97% ; May 28, 2013

Only 65 Scientists of 12,000 Make up Alleged 97% on Climate Change and Global Warming Consensus According to Breakdown of Cook et al study, say Friends of Science. In response to multiple inquiries from media and global warming advocates, Friends of Science issue this release to expose the statistical manipulation evident from the break down of the Cook et al paper. Friends of Science decry the linking of this flawed study with alleged danger from man-made carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) as there has been no global warming in 16 years despite a rise in CO2 levels; Friends of Science say the sun and oceanic oscillations are the main drivers of climate change, not CO2.

Cook Study on Global Warming Consensus is Faulty: May 21, 2013

Friends of Science Challenge the Cook Study for Bandwagon Fear Mongering on Climate Change and Global Warming. Detailed analysis shows that only 0.5% (65 of the 12,000 abstracts rated) suggest that humans are responsible for more than 50% of the global warming up to 2001, contrary to the alleged 97% consensus amongst scientists in the Cook et al study. Citing fear mongering and faulty methodology Friends of Science reject the study and President Obama's tweet as careless incitement of a misinformed and frightened public, when in fact the sun is the main driver of climate change; not human activity or carbon dioxide (CO2).

FoS News Release May 16, 2013

Peiser's Presentation on EU 'Green Basketcase' Climate Change and Global Warming Policies Shocks Audience say Friends of Science. Citing Europe's 'green obsession' and inflexible, failed climate policies as key reasons why so many EU economies are faltering on the brink of bankruptcy, Dr. Benny Peiser shocked his audience with images of EU forests ravaged by energy-poor citizens in search of fuel. Friends of Science say climate change and global warming policies should be based on scientific evidence, not apocalyptic computer modeled forecasts.

FoS News Release May 14, 2013

Sun is the Main Driver of Climate Change and Global Warming or Cooling say Friends of Science – Not You or 400 ppm CO2. Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels reported to have reached 400 ppm at Mauna Loa Observatory sent climate change activists like James Hansen, Al Gore, and Scientific American into a frenzy but Friends of Science say solar and ocean cycles are the main drivers of climate change, not CO2. With no global warming in 16 years despite a rise in CO2, the role of declining water vapor in upper atmosphere partially negates the 'heat-trapping' effect of CO2.

FoS News Release May 8, 2013

EU Fuel Quality Directive an Exercise in Climate Change Global Warming Hypocrisy says Friends of Science. Canada's Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver is in Europe to argue that the European Union's Fuel Quality Directive unfairly stigmatizes Alberta Oil Sands products. Friends of Science point to the climate change hypocrisy in the EU when one compares their terms for 'carbon neutral' wood pellets shipped from Canada or the carbon footprint of EU beer consumption vis a vis oil sands' emissions.

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