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FoS News Release May 3, 2013

Albertans Warned that EU has Committed Economic Suicide with Global Warming and Climate Change Policies say Friends of Science. "UKIP - UK Independence Party - a party driven by climate and green energy sceptics has swept local elections," says Dr. Peiser. "It may be a trend."

FoS News Release May 2, 2013

European Green Movement on Verge of Collapse Due to Failed Climate Change and Global Warming Policies Say Friends of Science. Dr. Benny Peiser of the UK Global Warming Policy Foundation reports that EU energy prices have skyrocketed, families have been forced into energy poverty; meanwhile the EU carbon market has collapsed with no evidence of healthier environment or 'abundant' green jobs, so European manufacturing is fleeing to places with cheaper energy prices in order to remain competitive.

FoS News Release April 30, 2013

Ex-NASA scientist James Hansen called Canadian government officials "Neanderthals" last week and continued his allegations that Alberta's oil sand developments present a potential climate catastrophe. Friends of Science challenge his stance which they say is based on grandstanding and not scientific evidence.

FoS News Release April 25, 2013

Friends of Science condemn the so-called “Citizens' Panel on Edmonton's Energy and Climate Challenges" for its lack of up-to-date science and manipulative questionnaire. "EKOS opinion polls about climate change are a poor basis for public policy and planning," says Len Maier, president of Friends of Science.

FoS News Release April 18, 2013

Climate Change Dogma Killing the Economy as EU Carbon Crashes on Vote against High CO2 Prices. Carbon prices in the European Union crashed up to 45 per cent as Members of the European Parliament voted against a climate change policy of high prices on carbon dioxide (CO2), due the burden on economy, industry and families. Friends of Science will host Dr. Benny Peiser May 14, 2013 in Calgary to speak on "To Heat or Eat: Europe's Failed Climate Policies" at the 10th Annual Friends of Science Luncheon.

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