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David Suzuki's Attack on Friends of Science Countered with Expose of Suzuki Fund’s Astroturf Corporate Connections

David Suzuki unleashed an attack on Friends of Science Society in the Georgia Straight, but Friends of Science has responded with an expose blog post questioning the Suzuki Fund’s astroturf operations. In related news, Friends of Science has issued an open letter to the Prime Minister of Canada on foreign interference in domestic climate and energy policies.

Censorship of Climate Change Minister’s Parody Account on Twitter Heightens Canadian Carbon Tax Revolt

Canada’s Minister of Climate Change and Environment reportedly asked Twitter to take down a parody account saying it promoted fake news and impersonated her, says Friends of Science. In response, Canadians have begun questioning what they see as fake news coming from the Minister herself, driving an already powerful Canadian carbon tax revolt which The Economist reports is in full swing.

Wikileaks ClimateWorks Document puts Global Climate Change Policies into Question

A ClimateWorks Foundation document exposed in the WikiLeaks Podesta files reveals that unelected, unaccountable billionaire foundations have been funding non-governmental groups for hundreds of millions of dollars, to agitate for renewables and global cap and trade policies, says Friends of Science. This interference in domestic affairs in Canada brings all climate and energy policies into question.

Canadian Carbon Tax and Climate Change Policy Revolt Gains Strength with Ontario Election

Canadian carbon tax and climate change policy revolt gained strength as Doug Ford was elected premier of Ontario on June 7th, 2018, vowing to cancel the cap-and-trade deal with Quebec and California, to cancel various green energy policies and to challenge the federal government’s threat to impose a carbon tax. Canada’s parliament has been embroiled in a battle for full transparency on the cost of the proposed federal carbon tax, under the twitter hashtag #CarbonTaxCoverUp

Trump-Trudeau Tiff over G7 on Backdrop of Climate Change Trade War started by France

The G7 summit in Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada ended on a sour note as President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau began a war of words, but Friends of Science says Canada has been acting as a proxy for France, trying to force the USA back into the Paris climate change agreement.

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