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Smart Prosperity’s Tragic Delusion on Clean Economy

(Calgary) A group calling itself “Smart Prosperity” has issued a report entitled “Eight Reasons to Build a Clean Economy Now,” filled with tragic delusions about ‘clean or low-carbon economy’ – most of which have been rebutted by Friends of Science Society’s report “Grounded in Reality,” and Ottawa energy policy consultant, Robert Lyman’s report - “Clean Growth Hallucination”. In “Grounded in Reality,” Friends of Science Society show that clean-tech or low-carbon economies are largely mythical terms and investors have been burned. In 2013, then CIO of CalPERS, Joseph Dear, told the Wall Street Journal that clean-tech was an “L for lose” investment and “Just because it’s a good idea doesn’t make it a good investment …This has been a noble way to lose money.”

Ecofiscal Carbon Tax Claims are Wrong

(CALGARY) Ecofiscal Commission is misleading the public with false information on carbon taxes, says Friends of Science. The recent Ecofiscal report “Bridging the Gap” falsely claims carbon taxes drive greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions, disproven by research in Norway which showed carbon taxes had only a miniscule 2% reduction effect. Likewise, Ecofiscal claims that regulations might need to be imposed to reach targets. According to “Canada’s Carbon Taxation: It’s Worse Than Thought,” a comprehensive report by former public servant and diplomat, Robert Lyman, Canada already has some 600 GHG regulations/incentives. These regulations are a tremendous burden on the economy which have never been audited for effectiveness.

Radio Canada’s “Décrypteurs” Climate Fail

(CALGARY) Friends of Science Society have issued a letter to Radio Canada condemning recent coverage of the CLINTEL “No Climate Emergency” declaration as poor and biased journalism. On Nov. 23, 2019, fact-checkers at Radio Canada’s “Décrypteurs” claim to have deconstructed the list of scientists who issued the Climate Intelligence - CLINTEL “No Climate Emergency” declaration to the UN. A larger group of CLINTEL signatories and expanded scientific explanation was presented on Nov. 20, 2019 to the European Parliament, as reported by the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

Humanicidal Climate Change Ideology Inappropriate for School Curricula

A study by Wynes and Nicholas (2019) on climate change in Canadian secondary school curricula is flawed, according to Friends of Science Society and their recommendations, which include pushing the humanicidal “have one less child to save the planet” and consensus thinking. Instead, a policy of ‘climate diversity’ should be instituted to encourage open, civil debate.

"Covering Climate Now" Misrepresents IPCC SR15 report as Climate Scientists Call for IPCC to Publicly Condemn Media Hysteria

“Covering Climate Now” involves some 60 media outlets worldwide, dedicated to pushing climate hysteria, says Friends of Science, condemning the fact that they misrepresent the IPCC SR15 report with ‘end-of-world’ hype. A Nature Climate Change commentary by scientists calling for the IPCC to calm the hysteria is ignored by major media who falsely claim to ‘foster constructive debate.’

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