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Canadians Demand Transparency on Carbon Tax and Foreign Funding of Activists like Suzuki

Canadians demand transparency on carbon tax and foreign funding of activists like Dr. Suzuki, his foundation and other ENGO charities in University of Alberta controversy says Friends of Science. Meanwhile, Bonn climate talks stalled as finances and the unattainable targets keep US uncommitted to return, a crucial issue in Canadian climate policy rejectionist stance on carbon taxes and Paris Agreement.

Canada Should Leave Paris Agreement and Align with US; Rebuttal Report to Federal Carbon Price Paper

As climate change bureaucrats meet in Bonn to hash out a Paris Agreement rule book for COP24 meeting in Katowice, Poland, Friends of Science Society issues a new report that calls on the Canadian government to align climate change and energy policies with the US. Friends of Science says the federal government’s recent carbon pricing report provides no evidence to support its claims and that Canadians are already suffering from carbon taxes and climate policies.

Dr. Suzuki is Misdefining Climate Change to the Detriment of Society by Pushing Costly, Ineffective Carbon Taxes

Climate activists like Dr. Suzuki are misdefining climate change for policymakers by using the political, instead of the scientific definition, says Friends of Science. Climate scientists like Dr. Madhav Khandekar, who will speak at Friends’ May 15th event in Calgary, warn of a trend toward global cooling, meaning policymakers must abandon carbon taxes and expensive, unreliable wind and solar and encourage affordable, reliable fossil fuel power like coal.

Outrage over University of Alberta Honorary Degree to David Suzuki Expands into Calls for Investigation into Rigged Climate Change Policy

The University of Alberta recently announced it would confer an honorary degree on Dr. David Suzuki, sparking an outrage amongst out-of-work oil sands professionals whose industry faces pipeline blockades by anti-oil activists, says Friends of Science. Evidence of millions of dollars of foreign funding to many ENGOs, including the David Suzuki Foundation, to push climate change policies and pipeline blockades has Canadians calling for investigations and repeal of such policies on grounds of foreign interference.

Canada-France Climate and Culture Deal Unlikely to Save Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Canada and France signed a new climate and cultural agreement that is unlikely to save Kinder Morgan pipeline or the Canadian economy, says Friends of Science Society. Though Ecofiscal Commission issued a report claiming Canadians are concerned about climate change and would want a carbon price if they understood it, Friends of Science has issued a rebuttal, noting climate change is dead last on the list of Canadian priorities in an Abacus Data survey.

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