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Should WEF and Canadian Senate Listen to Greta Thunberg and Climate Activists or Dr. Nir Shaviv on Climate Change

Child climate activist Greta Thunberg charmed the jet-setting World Economic Forum at Davos with her blunt denunciation; climate activist ENGOs plan to block the Canadian Senate’s efforts to discuss controversial climate-energy Bill C-69 with citizens, but the German government was given a blunt assessment that carbon dioxide is not driving climate by Dr. Nir Shaviv, says Friends of Science. Who should we listen to?

Nobel Laureate Economists and Expert Psychologists Fail at Stopping Climate Change

The Wall Street Journal statement by a bevy of high-profile economists claiming an open-ended unfettered carbon tax would stop climate change and pay dividends, is unsupported by market evidence, says Friends of Science. Likewise, a long epistle on climate denial in Psychology Today by an expert father-daughter team reveals that both groups lack comprehension of climate science complexities.

Dark Green Money Reveals Vast Self-Dealing Network in Canada’s Climate Change “Leadership”

“Dark Green Money” is a new report by Robert Lyman with a revealing glimpse of the vast self-dealing network of foreign billionaire foundation funding environmental groups' climate change initiatives, says Friends of Science Society, much like what is being proposed in the US for the Green New Deal.

Goreham vs Gore Goes Viral – Opening up the Climate Change Science Debate

“Climate Science and the Myths of Renewable Energy” YouTube video has gone viral, says Friends of Science Society. The video which features author and speaker Steve Goreham debunking many of the claims popularized by Al Gore has sparked a rebuttal on Climate Feedback, opening the public debate on climate change science. The main take-away points from Steve Goreham's video are that global temperatures over the last 30 years have warmed much less than simulated by climate models, climate change is dominated by natural factors, and renewable energy dramatically increases electricity prices.

Yellow Vest Revolt Spreads while Climate Claims by Whistler Ski Resort and Enviro Groups Leaves Public asking 'Who are Enviro Groups working for?'

As the ‘gilets jaunes’ or “Yellow Vests” once again cause turmoil in France and other countries protesting carbon taxes, in Canada ski resort Whistler Blackcomb issued a demand note for climate change damages from Big Oil, says Friends of Science. Environmental groups are behind the oil company shakedown; they are also the boots-on-the-ground lobbyists behind the push for carbon taxes, price on carbon, and climate damages, but Friends of Science says the public is asking, “Who are they working for?”

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