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Trump Administration Should Review Undue Influence of Foundations Funding Tar Sands Campaign

The Trump Administration should review the undue influence of billionaire foundations funding the Tar Sands Campaign, which has resulted in a close-to-approval legislated tanker ban on the West Coast and turned Canada’s National Energy Board upside down. The “Tar Sands Campaign” is well-known in Canada as an international demarketing attack on Canada’s astounding technological achievements and excellence in the oil sands.

Trudeau Claims Carbon Taxes Stop Wildfires and Climate Change While a New Report Shows Canada's Carbon Tax Regime is a Complete Mess

Prime Minister Trudeau says carbon taxes prevent extreme climate change and wildfires, disputed by the findings of the 2012 IPCC Special Report on Extreme Weather. A new report from the Global Warming Policy Foundation shows Canada’s carbon tax regime is ‘a dog’s breakfast,' says Friends of Science.

Climate Risk “Cartel” Based on Faulty Scientific Premise and Puts Future Generations in Danger

Climate bonds and pledges are creating virtual finance and group think cartels based on the faulty scientific premise that carbon dioxide controls climate change, when it is the sun’s direct and indirect effect, says Friends of Science. Billions of dollars are being applied to the wrong societal response; children are being misled and frightened and society is left unprepared for impending cooling of a solar minimum.

Bank of Canada Governor Urged to Investigate Tar Sands Campaign and Climate Risk Trade War Against Canada

In response to Bank of Canada Governor Steve Poloz’ stated fears of ‘fire sales’ and market upheavals due to so-called ‘stranded carbon assets’ in oil, gas and oil sands, Friends of Science Society is calling on him to open an investigation into the Tar Sands Campaign and climate risk trade war against Canada. They note there is an absence of fear of stranded assets in competitor nations; Canada appears to have been set up for vulture investors. Canada's Paris targets targets are unattainable without the almost complete destruction of the Canadian economy. Large natural forces such as solar cycles, volcanic eruptions and cyclical changes in oceans and atmospheric oscillations have a dominant effect on climate.

Look Before You Leap into “Climate Emergency” Mode; Rebuttal to Green New Deal

Look before you leap into a ‘climate emergency’ mode says Friends of Science Society in a new rebuttal report, countering the ideological claims and demands of proponents of “The Pact for a Green New Deal.” Friends of Science present facts showing there is no climate change emergency and they deconstruct central theories of the Green New Deal, showing them to be infeasible, with no practical benefit, and economically nonviable.

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