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Canadian Climate Change Policies are a Futile Folly – Expensive and Dangerous Grandstanding

“Futile Folly: Canada’s Climate Policy Goals in the Global Context” is an astonishing new report from Friends of Science Society, illustrating that Canada’s GHG climate policies are expensive and dangerous grandstanding with no offsetting environmental benefit. In related news, Premier Jason Kenney of Alberta has vowed to stop foreign-funded activists driving the Tar Sands Campaign 'green trade war' against Canada. The source of increasing global greenhouse gas emissions is primarily the economic growth occurring in the developing countries, not Canada.

“Climate Change Your Mind” - Rebuts Fear-mongering Canadian Government Report with Evidence

The Canadian government’s report – “Canada’s Changing Climate Report (CCCR2019)” – released a day after the national carbon tax was introduced, is filled with fearmongering and highly speculative projections says Friends of Science. “Climate Change Your Mind” is Friends of Science evidence-based rebuttal; they are calling for the government to retract CCCR2019. That report falsely claims the Calgary 2013 flood and forest fires are related to human-caused climate change. The evidence says no.

Starving Polar Bear Images Inspired Climate Activist But They Are Thriving

In a Greta Thunberg video clip embedded in a BBC story on Extinction Rebellion, the young climate activist says starving polar bear images inspired her journey, but Dr. Susan Crockford’s new video shows polar bears are thriving, says Friends of Science Society. Dr. Crockford’s power point and video presentation are on Friends of Science event page for “Polar Bears and Solar Flares.” On April 10, 2019, Dr. Crockford launched her new book “The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened” (available on Amazon). Her presentation refutes predictions made by many polar bear scientists and Al Gore, in his 2006 movie “An Inconvenient Truth,” that sea ice melt due to climate change would devastate polar bears.

Canadian Taxpayers Doomed by Green Titanic of ENGO Activism due to Charities Law Changes

“Green Titanic” is the shocking third and final part, in a series of reports by Robert Lyman, assessing the political and financial power of Canada’s environmental charities, says Friends of Science. Canadian taxpayers are unaware of the impending unfettered political power unleashed by recent changes to the charities section of the Income Tax Act. In “Green Titanic,” Lyman reports that federal and provincial governments in Canada now provide $170 billion per year in grants and contributions to registered charities. Charities then raise an additional $80 billion per year based on private contributions, some of which are stimulated by their registered charity status; the cost to the federal treasury alone of this is $5 billion per year.

Canada’s Ecofiscal Report on Carbon Taxes a Flawed Assessment

The Ecofiscal Commission of Canada issued a report which Friends of Science Society says is deeply flawed in their new rebuttal – “Just the Facts on Carbon Tax.” Carbon taxes face growing unpopularity around the world with the biggest mass confrontations occurring in France, as the “Gilets Jaunes” or “Yellow Vests” persist in mass weekend demonstrations, despite police state tactics to stop them.

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