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Solar Physicist Debunks Canada’s Climate Catastrophe Claims on Carbon Dioxide at Friends of Science Event

Solar physicist Dr. Willie Soon debunked Canada’s climate catastrophe claims behind the very unpopular carbon tax by showing and explaining how the sun drives climate change, not carbon dioxide (CO2) says Friends of Science. Polar bear researcher Dr. Susan Crockford launched her new book at the same event – “The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened.” She showed the audience that polar bears are far more resilient to climate change than what was previously assumed and that polar bear populations have dramatically increased over the last several decades.

NASA Should Update their Climate Change Website to Include Diversity of Views Rather than Flawed Consensus Claims

In an open letter posted on their blog, also sent to NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, Friends of Science Society asks NASA to update their climate change website to reflect the broader diversity of views on climate science, rather than the existing flawed consensus claims. Naomi Oreskes’ survey of consensus was famously cited in Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”. However, in 2005 Benny Peiser of the GWPF reran the survey using Oreske’s search parameters. His results revealed that out of 1117 citations which mentioned the term ‘global climate change’: only 13 authors (1.2%) explicitly supported a catastrophic view; 470 articles stated the keywords but stated no position on causes.

Consensus and Settled Science Claims Crumble as Evidence and Support Piles up for Presidential Review of Climate Change Dogma

Claims that there is a consensus on climate change and that the science is settled crumbles in the face of letters in support of a Presidential review of climate change says Friends of Science Society. An ever-increasing number of peer-reviewed papers show that carbon dioxide from human industrial emissions has a nominal impact on global warming. On March 18, 2019, a large group of scientists, policy experts and organizations sent a letter via the Heartland Institute, to President Trump, advocating their support for a Presidential review of climate change science and related policies.

Six Facts to Calm Your Climate Change Fears – Video Goes Viral

There’s good news on climate change, says Friends of Science in a new video clip covering six points for discussion saying we're safe, we're adaptable, and there’s no consensus on the cause or climate extremes. 1) Climate cycles between warm and cold 2) Warming benefits northern countries 3) CO2 enhances plant growth and crops 4) Sea levels change due to many factors 5) Warm climatic periods have more stable weather 6) Warming has economic benefits; "Climate Action" would cost more than doing nothing.

Greenpeace Founder Slams AOC and Green New Deal on Climate Change; GWPF Report on Renewables Rebuts McKinsey Claims

Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore slammed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal on climate change would cause mass deaths, in tweets that reverberated across the twitterverse, says Friends of Science Society. Meanwhile, a McKinsey and Company 2019 Global Perspectives on Energy claiming renewables will surge to 50% generation by 2035 is disputed by a Global Warming Policy Foundation report by Robert Lyman, who says rapid phase-out of fossil fuels rapid will face insurmountable obstacles.

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