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Independent Summary for Policymakers - IPCC Fourth Assessment Report

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An international team of climate experts prepared this independent summary of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report, published by the Fraser Institute. The IPCC summary is prepared by bureaucratic delegates from sponsoring governments and does not reflect the intentions of the scientific community. This summary was prepared by experts who are independent of the IPCC. It more fully discusses the uncertainties and problems related to climate models and climate science.

Lord Christopher Monckton Presentation Summary

Lord Christopher Monckton spoke on climate change at five Canadian cities September 29 to October 8, 2009 organized by the Friends of Science Society. Here is a brief summary of his remarks. Climate sensitivity to doubling CO2 is at most 0.5 Celsius according to the latest satellite data. End of scare.

The Environmental Effects of Increased Carbon Dioxide

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A comprehensive review of the current scientific literature on the effects of increasing CO2. It includes many graphs, and concludes that increasing CO2 has produced no deleterious effects upon Earth's weather and climate, but has markedly increased plant growth.

Why You Should Be Sceptical of the Kyoto Claims

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A short list of reasons to to a skeptic.

SEEDS - A Climate Critique

This critique shows that the publication "Creating a Climate of Change" by SEEDS contains many false and misleading statements, as well as serious errors of omission. The SEEDS information is distributed to Canadian schools.

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