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Snow Forecasts Were All Wrong

The Climate Research Unit declared 13 years ago that in a few years children won't know what snow is. But recent snowstorms have many climate alarmists declaring that global warming causes more snow, contrary to previous predictions and climate records.

Dr. John Christy at the US Senate E&PW Committee

Dr. John Christy addressed the Senate Committee on August 1st, 2012 to assure the Senators that carbon dioxide has little to do with the US heat wave. He shows: 1. The recent "extremes" were exceeded in previous decades. 2. The average warming rate of 34 CMIP5 IPCC models is greater than observations. 3. The temperature indexes are contaminated by urban warming. 4. Funding is recommended to study natural climate variability. 5. More CO2 generally means more food for all.

Canadian Senate Climate Hearings

The Canadian Senate Energy & Environment Committee Hearing with Drs. Ross McKitrick, Ian Clark, Jan Veizer and Tim Patterson took place on December 15th 2011. This team of climate experts provided evidence that CO2 does not and has never driven climate change. This page from the International Climate Science Coalition presents the written testimony, audios and videos of the four presentations and videos of the questions and answers session.

Editorial from Energy & Environment - July 2013

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This editorial from Dr. Arthur Rorsch and Dr. Peter Ziegler introduces the Special Issue of Energy & Environment which challenges the Anthropogenic Global Warming hypothesis and the projections of the IPCC. The set papers show that climate models fail to replicate past climate variations and "the frequency of extreme weather events has not increased during the last few decades." The authors write "the effect of variations in solar activity has been seriously underestimated by the IPCC."

Climate Change on a Watery Planet

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This review of climate science by three Dutch scientists compares the hypothesis that anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases is the main cause of recent climate change to the hypothesis that the sun is the main driver of climate change. The paper shows that water plays an important role in stabilizing the climate through evaporation and changing cloud cover. The paper lists numerous discrepancies between the AGW predictions and observations. Changing solar ultraviolet radiation, and the flow of charged particles have a significant effect on atmospheric circulation and clouds.

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