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Climate Science and Wind Farms - A Tragic Waste of Resources

FOS director Ken Gregory gave this presentation for the Grizzly Bear Creek Protection Group at Mannville, Alberta, November 2013.

The Inhofe EPW Press Blog

The U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works lists a series of important facts.

Where is the Evidence for Dangerous Human-Caused Global Warming?

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Dr. Robert Carter presents a critical account of the scientific arguments that have been claimed as evidence for dangerous, human-caused global warming. He shows that there is no compelling evidence that human-caused climate change poses a strong future danger.

Global Warming Scam

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Dr. Vincent Gray has been an expert reviewer with the IPCC since its inception, and is one of the worlds leading climatologists. He is also a harsh critic of the IPCC. Vincent says that the evidence fails to show that CO2 emissions are harmful. The article primarily discusses problems with the temperature and CO2 histories, and climate models. Revised October 2008.

Has the IPCC Exaggerated Adverse Impact of Global Warming?

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FOS scientific advisor and IPCC expert reviewer Dr. Madhav L Khandekar says the IPCC's fourth assessment report exaggerated adverse impacts of global warming and downplayed or ignored beneficial impacts.

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