Fos Extracts - 2015 Table of Contents



Secret Deal on Alberta 's Oilsands Emissions Divides Oilpatch
Alberta 's Environment Minister: We have taken our share of responsibilities 
The IPCC 's Post-Paris Political Rallying Cry
Republicans Fail to Block Money for Green Climate Fund
Data or Dogma Testimony before US Senate
The Economist 's Hot Air on Climate Change
Sunspot Activity Remains the Weakest Since the Dalton Minimum




Ecojustice Goes After Friends of Science
Canada 's Back  at the Paris Climate Talks
The Truth about China
Ontario Auditor General: Billions for Wind and Solar
German Energiewende Modern Miracle or Major Misstep
Germany Pays to Halt Danish Wind Power-To Protect Own Output
Electric Car Boom Fuels Demand for Coal
Ten Reasons Why We Shouldn 't Fear Man-made Climate Change
Mandatory Indoctrination for BBC Officials Who Broke Climate Rules 
The Climate on Campus




Alberta 's New Carbon Tax and Coal Phase-out
Justin Trudeau Promises Canadian Approach  to Climate Change
US Senate Sends the World a Climate Message
The Poles May Spoil Paris Party
The UN 's Coming Paris Folly
India Will Seek Climate Justice  for Billions of Poor in Paris
US Kids ' Lawsuit over Climate Change Gathers Steam
UK Green Power Firms Cash In on Diesel
400(?) Years of Warming




The IPCC does not make recommendations 
Tensions Building over whether Paris Climate Deal Is Binding
Obama 's Failure to Deliver Climate Funding Could Sink Paris Agreement
G20 Divided over Climate Stance
India 's Energy Challenge, or why Paris Climate Pledges Are Meaningless
US Has Built the Equivalent of 10 Keystone Pipelines since 2005
Lomborg: Impact of Current Climate Proposals




The Next Climategate? NOAA Refuses to Release No Hiatus  Emails
Putin: Global Warming Is a Fraud to Restrain Developing Nations 
The Tough Realities of the Paris Climate Talks
Why the Paris Climate Treaty Will Be the Flop of the Year
Forget Paris: Asia Building More than 500 Coal Plants
China Burns More Coal than Reported, Complicating Climate Talks
Exxon Probed by New York in Toughest US Climate Crackdown Yet
Back to the Dark Ages: French Weatherman Fired over Climate Change Book




Climate Poker: Developing Nations Win Battle of Bonn
80+ World Leaders to Attend Opening of Paris Climate Summit
DC Court Could Pose Problems for Obama 's Paris Climate Talks
New Polish Government Opposes EU Climate Deal
The Battle Against Global Warming: An Absurd, Costly and Pointless Crusade
IEA: Climate Pledges Need $13.5 Trillion in Investments by 2030




Adjudicating the Future: Silencing Climate Dissent via the Courts
Leading Nowhere: The Futility and Farce of Global Climate Negotiations
Draft Climate Deal Dead in the Water
France 's Top Weatherman Suspended over Book Questioning Climate Change
T. Boone Pickens Suing Ontario for $700 Million over Wind Power
What I Learned about Climate Change: The Science Is Not Settled
Chinese Academy of Sciences: Global Warming May Be Good for China
The Climate Mafia Rewrites Science History




International Judges Plan to Outlaw Climate Change Denial 
On Trial: The Social Cost of Carbon
India Rejects Text for UN Climate Deal
Climate Negotiators Give Up on Enforceable Paris Deal
IEA: Southeast Asia 's Fossil Fuel Boom to Last for Decades
Sierra Club 's President Squirms and Repeatedly Ducks Questions on Satellite Data
Carbon Dioxide: The Good News
There 's Life in the Old Pause Yet




IPCC Elects New Chair: Hoesung Lee of Korea
New Draft Climate Text is 20 Pages of Hedging
India 's Proposed COP 21 Climate Plan
Smart Coal: Putting People Ahead of Climate Hysteria
Bank of England: Climate Change a Huge  Financial Risk
Greenpeace Plans Bid for Vattenfall 's German Coal Business
Why Leftist Greens Love the Pope 's Global Warming Speech
The Devastating Corporate Response to Carbon Madness
Google Forecasts No Interest in Paris COP 21
New Book: Doubt and Uncertainty in Climate Science




How the Next US President Could Dismantle Obama 's Climate Policies-Or Expand Them
California 's Climate Change Revolt
The Urgenda Ruling in the Netherlands
Flashback to the UN Official 's Redistribution of Wealth  Statement
CO2 Emissions Reduction, Renewables and Recession
Eye-roller Study: Should Countries Honour their Climate Debts?
Is It Time to Stop the Insanity of Wasting Time and Money on More Climate Models?
Three Trillion Trees Sucking CO2 out of the Atmosphere
The Pacific Blob and the Pause




Eleventh Hour Panic: UN Summons Leaders to Closed-Door Climate Meeting
UK Signals End of Solar Handouts
Europe 's Greenest Government Readies U-Turn on Ambitious Climate Targets
Germany 's Green Energy Revolution Fails Its Climate Goal
Obama Rebuffed as China, India & Russia Refuse to Sign Arctic Climate Agreement
Dark Clouds over Paris: India 's Climate Plan in Disarray
The David Suzuki School of Irrational Thought
Three Things Scientists Need to Know about the IPCC
Surviving the Ice Age and Whatever Comes Next



How to Address the Left on Climate Change
The Brave Judith Curry
Barack Obama 's Quiet War on Oil and Gas
Obama 's Coal Expropriation: George Soros Buys Up Cheap Coal Shares
India to Double Coal Production by 2020
No One Showed Up for California 's Green Job Rush
US Court Invalidates 30-Year Eagle Take  Rule
Spin Cycle: Carbon Dioxide is Not Carbon Pollution 
Climatologist: We Have a Moral Imperative ' to Burn Fossil Fuels




Obama 's Climate Push
Global Coal Boom Accelerating, Despite Obama 's Posturing
Back to Square One: EPA 's Unlawful Collusion with Green Pressure Groups
Fearing Negative Impact  on Power Rates, Nova Scotia Scraps FIT Program
$1.5 Trillion Climate Change Industry  Is Booming
Geotargeting: Climate Change Lobby Advises Location-based, Tailored Propaganda to Convince More People
Out of Europe: Steel Industry Plans Great Exodus
The Trouble with Global Climate Models




UN Releases New Streamlined  Negotiating Text for Paris Deal
Walter Russell Mead: Climate Diplomats Prepare for a Paris Fudge
UN-Sponsored Poll Ranks Climate Change Dead Last
Green Climate Fund in Doubt
Billionaires Use Environmental Movement to Profit Handily
UK Government Cancels Green Deal 
Papal Encyclical Intensifies Political Debate around Climate Change
First They Came for Your Light Bulbs
Arctic Expedition to Study Global Warming Put on Hold-Because of Too Much Ice
Hansen 's Backfire
Green Energy Plunders the Biosphere




Germany 's Green Energy Transition May Be Running Out of Money
Obama Dead Wrong  on Global Warming
Australian Government Bans Renewable Energy Subsidies
British Government Scraps Climate Change Levy Exemption
China 's Climate Pledge
Bill Gates: Renewable Energy Can 't Do the Job
The Human Triumph from Fossil Fuels
UN Predicts Food Supplies will Increase Despite Global Warming Fears
Earth Heading to Mini Ice Age  within 15 Years
Intermittent Grid Storage




Petition to Silence FoS Facebook Page Gets over 3,000 Signatures
Does EPA 's Supreme Court Loss Doom Obama 's Climate Agenda?
Dutch Court Orders Government to Make Deeper GHG Cuts
Aussie Renewables Industry Furor at Wind Commissioner Appointment
UK Abolishes Onshore Wind Subsidies a Year Early
Greece Turns to Lignite
On Climate Change and Energy, Vatican advisers have lost their way 
Pope Recruits Naomi Klein to Fight Climate Change and Capitalism
State of the Climate Debate in the US




Delayed Until Further Notice: G7 Leaders Shift Decarbonization to End of Century
Obama Moves to Regulate CO2 from Airplanes
Why Obama 's Big Global Warming Push?
Inhofe: Climate Change Fight Is Really About Global Control
Europe 's Crazy Climate Policy Threatening Forests and Wildlife
Lessons from Europe: Recipe for a High-cost Energy System
Has NOAA Busted  the Pause in Global Warming?
Ice-core Data Shows that the Feared +2 °C Tipping Point  Has Already Occurred




Save the Date - June 2 - Nir Shaviv in Calgary
Obama: Climate Change Deniers Endangering National Security
EPA 's Dangerous Desire to Become America 's Energy Regulator
UK Energy Minister Announces New Law against Wind Farms
Europe 's New Coal Rush
The Paris Poker Game: India and the $100 billion/year Climate Fund
Cold Weather Kills Far More People than Hot Weather
Climate Activists Targeting Children with a Range of Cli-fi  Novels




Save the Date - June 2 - Nir Shaviv in Calgary
Canada Submits Its INDC to the UN
Ross McKitrick: Climate Change Consensus among the Misinformed Is Not Worth Much
India, China Ask Rich Nations to Step Up Decarbonization & Climate Finance
Why Greenpeace Got the Chop in India
Some Guardian Myths about Climate Change
Bj ¸rn Lomborg Hounded Out of the University of Western Australia
Australian PM Advisor: UN Using Climate Change for New World Order 




Save the Date - June 2 - Nir Shaviv in Calgary
Inquiry Launched Into Global Temperature Data Integrity
Obama 's Green Obsession Opens Door for China 's Global Energy Strategy
Congressmen to NASA: Stop Wasting Money on Global Warming Research
Green Fanatics Outraged over NPR Interview with Freeman Dyson
The Fury over Bj ¸rn Lomborg Down Under
The Greening of the Vatican
Three Simple Facts that Scuttle the Global Warming Paradigm
Turtle Beats Turbine
From France: Wind Energy - The Big Swindle 
Cap-and-Trade: Warnings from James Hansen
Solar Cycle 24 Continues to be Weakest in 200 Years
Huff Post: We All Need to Come Out  on Climate Change
Invalid Forecasts of Dangerous Man-made Global Warming




EU 's Green Energy Debacle Shows Futility of Unilateral Climate Policies
Ontario Joins Quebec and California in Carbon Market
Germany on the Brink of an Energy Crisis
Judith Curry on Obama 's Climate Pledge
India Freezes Greenpeace Accounts
India to Double Coal Production by 2020
A Call to Look Past Sustainable Development
The Environmentalists ' Civil War
Conversations that Matter: The Earth is Actually Growing Greener




Save the Date, May 5, 2015 - First Annual Luncheon for the Environment
The Climate Pledges
Obama 's Pledge
Putin 's Pledge
US Senate 's Opening Salvo to the EPA
A Change in the UK
UN Green Climate Fund to be Spent on Coal-fired Power Generation
Friends of Science News Release Picked up by Bloomberg
25th Anniversary of Global Satellite Temperature Monitoring
The Difference between Real Science and AGW Science
Sustainable Companies Using Trade Associations to Undermine EU Climate Policy
Climategate Investigations: Was There a Pattern of Cover-up?
Earth Hour Interest Declining Worldwide




Save the Date: May 5, 2015 - First Annual Luncheon for the Environment
Most Nations to Miss Deadline for UN Climate Pledges
TVO Documentary Big Wind Available Online
John Christy Fires Back at Those Trying to Intimidate Him
On Suppressing Scientific Inquiry
This is President Obama 's Science Advisor
Reporters Explain Why Balance Isn 't Needed on Global Warming
Summary of the Infamous 97% Consensus Paper
The Gulf Stream Debate




Congressional Republicans Push Back against the Climate Witch Hunt
Ontario Families Fighting Massive Legal Bill from Wind-farm Companies
Europe Rolls Back Green Energy Subsidies
IPCC in Transition
It 's OK to Lie About Climate Change-Yale Project
Antarctic Sea Ice Did the Opposite of What the Models Predicted
On Natural Climate Variability and Climate Models




Climate Inquisition Shows Its Totalitarian Face
Obama Administration Gives India a Shove on Climate Change
Germany 's 2014 Wind Turbine Report Card
The IPCC 's Bogus Evidence for Global Warming
Pachauri: IPCC Should Take Official Role in Assessing Country Pledges to Curb Climate Change
Pachauri Resigns
Down Wind Documentary-Now Available for Free
Windfarm Study: Beginning of the End for the Industry?
Twenty Good Reasons Not to Worry about Polar Bears and Climate Change
BP Energy Outlook: Just 8% Renewable Energy by 2035
US Solar Energy Subsidies Cost $39 Billion/year




The Geneva Climate Talks
US Green Energy Scandal
Fiddling with the Temperature Data
Clean Air - Who Pays?
The Tar Sands PresentationBy Their Language We Shall Know Them
Roy Spencer: What Do You Call a NYT Reporter of Climate Science?
Vilifying Realist Science - and Scientists




Climate Change as a Political Process
Europe 's $100 Billion Green Energy Mistake
India Says No  to Obama Climate Deal
Paris Climate Summit: Missing 2 °C Target Would Not Be Failure 
EPA Email Shows Desperate Climate Change Agenda
Climate Grief
How Green and Peaceful Really Is Greenpeace?




US Senate Votes 98-1: Climate Change Is Real
The Raw Politics of Climate Change in the US
Defeat for the Green Lobby as EU Panel Rejects Cap-and-Trade Reforms
Countries Could Leave UN Climate Body if Paris Deal Falls Through
The Effects of Cheaper Oil
India Cracks Down on Green NGOs for Harming Economic Security
The Pope on Climate Change: Man Has Slapped Nature in the Face 
When Journalists Question Catastrophe
Climate Change Falling off the Public Radar
Climate Alarmism as a Doomsday Cult
Global Temperature Stalls for Another Year
The Unintended Consequences of Climate Change Policy
The Merchants of Smear
Susan Crockford: Faux Polar Bear Figures
Roy Spencer: How the Climate System Works




Threats to Obama 's Climate Efforts from GOP-run Congress
More Predictions of Coming Climate Disasters from the Medical Profession
Pachauri: IPCC Future Not Tied to Paris Climate Deal
Scientists must be emotionally charged  about Climate Change
Climate Change Scaremongering Won 't Trouble Oil Junkies
The Pope 's Mistaken Moral Calculus on Global Warming
Climate Change Cassandras Need to Read More

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