Fos Extracts - 2016 Table of Contents



Trudeau's Climate-Change Accord
Donald Trump Picks Scott Pruitt, Ally of the Oil Industry, to Lead EPA
Trump Team Hints at Big Shakeup of US Energy Policy
A Warmist 's Guide to the Trump Administration and Climate Policy
A Sense of Panic  over Trump Consumes Climate Science Summit
Al Gore - Trump Meeting: Gore Promises More Activism
EU Corporations Have Raked in ‚ 25 Billion through Corrupt Emissions Trading Scheme
Norwegian Ship Owners Abandon Green  Ships
William Happer Interview on Global Warming




Climate Change 101 Website
Smart Prosperity 's Letter and Friends of Science 's Response
Carbon Tax Explained: How Much Trudeau 's Scheme Will Cost Canadians
Alberta to Pay $1.36 Billion in Deal with Power Producers to Shut Coal Units
Buying Imaginary Feel Good  Credits
Enbridge: Carbon Taxes Will Make It Tough to Compete with US Firms
Shell Canada Hedges Its Bets
Trump to Scrap NASA Climate Research in Crackdown on Politicized Science 
Green Madness: Protected Forests in Europe Felled to Meet EU Renewable Targets
Roger Pielke Jr.: Life as a Climate Heretic
The Politicization of Climate Science is Not a Recent Phenomenon




Ontario Premier Takes Responsibility for High Electricity Prices
What Trump 's Win Will Mean for the Environment
John Kerry Heads to Antartica-And to a New Travel Record
A Trump Administration: A Catastrophe in the Eyes of COP 22
Breakthrough at Midnight: UN Climate Talks Agree to Delay Paris Rules until 2018
Big Wind Blown Away in Vermont
Lawrence Solomon: Americans Are Finally Overthrowing Political Correctness Run Amok
Climate Models for Lawyers
NASA 's Top Climate Scientist Threatens to Resign over Trump
UK Researchers: Tax Food to Reduce Climate Change




The Trump Victory: Effect on US Climate and Energy Policy
The Trump Victory: Reaction in Canada
The Trump Victory: A Blow to the Global Climate Movement
Alberta 's Wind Power Auction
Alberta-Wide Rally over Carbon Tax
Pipeline Political Incorrectness Must Be Punished
Germany Fails to Approve National Climate Plan
China Doubles Down on Coal, Despite Climate Pledge




Vivian Krause: The Great Green Election Machine
Alberta Climate-Change Plan Will Shrink Economy Short-Term
The Cost of Alberta 's Proposed Renewables Subsidies
What We Call a Carbon Tax Is a Really a Tax on the Petroleum Industry
The Devastation of Ontario 's Rural Areas
Ontario 's Price on Carbon
Lawrence Solomon: Ontario 's Fatal Future
Hillary Clinton 's Blackout America
Europe 's Climate Action Put On Hold
Climate Promises Can 't Kill Asia 's Coal Addiction
Annual COP Ritual: Paris Agreement Will Lead to Climate Catastrophe
Debunking the Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Myth
Donna Laframboise: Peer Review is Bunk




Better than a Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax
Sask. Premier: Canada 's Climate Change Money Shouldn 't Go to Developing Countries
Wind Turbine Appeal Leaves Developer Spinning
Solar Power for City-Dwelling Dummies
Boondoggle: How Ontario 's Pursuit of Renewables Broke the Electricity System
UN Bans Rebel Media at COP22
Greens Whine About Lack of Climate Questions in the US Presidential Debates
Forget Paris: France Drops Carbon Tax Plan
Green Climate Fund Still Can 't Get Off the Ground
While Europe Gets Gouged, Americans Enjoy Cheap Power
Green Nightmare: War on Coal Can 't Stop Its Enduring Demand
Global Greening vs Global Warming




Ottawa Gives Provinces Two Years to Adopt CO2 Pricing
Uncertainty over California Cap-and-Trade Could Impact Ontario
The Cash Pipeline Opposing Canadian Pipelines
Swiss Vote Down Green Initiative
Renewable Energy Cost Explosion: ‚ 25,000 for Each German Family
Poland Gets Concessions: EU Ratifies Paris Agreement
Southeast Asian Nations Plan Huge Expansion of Fossil Fuel Economy
First Deal to Curb Aviation Emissions
Report: Wind Farms Were the Ultimate Cause of Australian Blackout




Alberta 's Climate Policies Are Bearing Their Inevitable Poisoned Fruit
Alberta Government: Climate Change Uncertainty Will Discourage Investment
We 're Saved: Canada 's Environment Minister Promises a Nationwide Price on Carbon
Regulating CO2, Not Just Pricing It
Ontario Puts Brakes on Renewable Energy
Obama Demands Intelligence Agencies Draft Plans to Combat Climate Change
Green Panic: Hillary Clinton Barely Mentions Climate Anymore
Three Ways Trump Could Abandon the Paris Climate Pact
WaPo: It 's Time for a Carbon Tax
US Gasoline Consumption Hits New Record
South Australia Pays the Price for Heavy Reliance on Renewable Energy
Paris Climate Agreement Passes Key Threshold
Michael Mann 's Deniers Club




Alberta to Have 30% Renewable Power by 2030
Ontario Premier Attributes By-election Loss to Rising Electricity Rates
US Voters and Climate Change
Obama 's Electric Car Fail
California Fights to Save Carbon Market
Nicolas Sarkozy Turns Climate Skeptic
Greens Outraged as Germany Removes Concrete Targets in Weakened Climate Plan
Once the Driving Force of Climate Action, the EU Has Fallen Behind
Why US Venture Capitalists Abandoned Green Energy
UN Secretary General: The Climate Debate is Over 




Ontario, Qu bec Sign Climate Policy Deal with Mexico
Provinces Balk at Federal Push to Accelerate Coal Phase-out
Too Much of a Good Thing: How Ontario Bungled the Green Energy File
Everyone 's a Climate Change Leader
US and China Ratify Paris Climate Deal
California Keeps Its Dying Carbon Market on Life Support
Investors Confront Tesla's Energy Fantasy
Reality Check: Germany 's Energiewende in Crisis
Climate policy: Fake it 'til you make it
Profs Tells Students: No debate  on Climate
Climate Science Debates Find Their Place in the Sun




Alberta 's Oilsands Cap Could Cost Billions, Limited Emissions Impact
BC 's Climate Leadership Plan
How Ontario 's 1% Can Do Its Share to Reduce Fuel Poverty
How Producing Clean Power Turned Out To Be a Messy Business
Obama-Backed Solar Company on the Verge of Extinction
Bill McKibben Goes Full Jackboot on Climate Change
Greenwashing Has Suddenly Become Very Expensive
WaPo Discovers: Intermittency Bites Renewables and Boosts Gas
Study Calls for 16-km Setback for Wind Turbines near Great Lakes
Climate Activist Calls for Tax Policies to Discourage Childbirth
Olympic Gold Medals for Climate Hysteria




Suncor Discussing Possibility of Leaving Oil in the Ground
As Corn Devours US Prairies, Greens Reconsider Biofuel Mandate
Democratic Platform Calls for WWII - Scale Mobilization to Solve Climate Crisis
The Cult of Tesla Survives Another Round of Bad News
Poland Shuns Wind, Doubles Down on Coal-Reliant Future
Evaluating Wind Impact-Parts I (Basics), II (Ramping) & III (Fuel Consumption and Emissions)
Climate Change Agenda and the Role of Bureaucratic Scientists
A Guide to Understanding Global Temperature Data
Do 97% of Climate Scientists Really Agree?
Solar Physicist Sees Global Cooling Ahead




Alberta 's Oil Sands Panel
Britain 's New PM 's Announcements on Climate Change
Brexit Threatens EU Climate Policy
Ontario 's Global Adjustment Fee
NextEra 's Turbines Kill > 16 Raptors/Year in SW Ontario
Bank of England Governor: Climate Change is a $7 Trillion Opportunity 
Philippines Won 't Honour Paris Agreement
Evaluating the Integrity of Official US Climate Records
The Troubled Institution of Science




Brexit-Implications for Climate Policy
The Economic Cost of Alberta 's Carbon Policy
Attorney General Pulls Exxon Subpoena
India 's NSG Bid Fails-May Delay Ratification of Paris Agreement
Germany 's Energiewende Sticks It to the Poor
Carbon Markets Facing Black Hole
Ross McKitrick: The Right Price for Carbon? Take a Guess
Environment Canada: Natural Variability Behind the Hiatus
Climate Power Play by the AAAS et al
Climate and Human Civilization for the Past 4,000 Years




Turtles Topple Turbines in Prince Edward County, Ontario
Brad Wall Goes On the Offensive for Oil Patch
The Exxon Witch Hunt (cont 'd)
Germany 's CO2 Reduction Targets Cast into Serious Jeopardy 
The Energy Absurdity of the Paris Climate Agreement
How Much Beer Do You Need to Drink Before You Believe Tesla?
Subsidy Sam-A Tale About Money, Greed and Wind Turbines
US Wind Energy Sector Gets $176 Billion in Subsidies
For the First Time in its History, India Creates Surplus Energy (with Coal)




Alberta 's New Carbon Tax Law
Ontario 's Rude Awakening from Its California Carbon Dreams
Canada 's Three Northern Premiers Reject Carbon Pricing
Resolute Forest Products Goes After the Eco-mob
Trump Vows to Undo Obama 's Climate Agenda
Russia Throws a Wrench in Paris Climate Ratification
Developing Countries Want $3 Trillion for Climate Plans
Wind Energy Too Expensive for Denmark
The 97% Consensus at Shell
Economics Prof. on Climate Model-based Policy
The Energy Return for Solar PV
Antarctic Climate Confusion



Global Warming is not gender neutral 
Alberta Power Industry in Turmoil
Windfarm Company, Ontario Government Had Cozy Relationship until Deal Fell Apart
EIA: Despite Trillions in Green Subsidies, Fossil Fuels Will Provide 75% of World Energy in 2040
Court Showdown over Obama 's Climate Rule Delayed until Fall
Fraud: Most EU Carmakers Report False CO2 Emissions
Shell Unveils Vision of 2 °C-Compatible Energy Future
Media Exaggerated Climate Role in Vanishing Islands
The End of Hunger? Calamitous Famines  Seem to Have Disappeared
Elon Musk 's Dreams Crash
Strongest El Ni ±o in 19 Years Ends
Are Efforts to Combat Global Warming Actually Making Things Worse?




How Fossil Fuels are Greening the Planet
The Opposite View: Model Shows Civilization Headed for Irreversible Collapse 
Paper: Droughts and Heatwaves Are Not Getting Worse, Like Alarmists Predicted
Energy Industry Gets Sierra Clubbed
New Utility to Make Ontarians Drive, Live and Work Green 
The Mark Carney Effect: Number of Investors Ignoring Climate Risk Rose Last Year
Warren Buffet and Berkshire Investors Reject Climate Change Report
It 's All Over: EU Scraps Post-2020 Green Transport Target
EU 's Drive for Green  Bio-Diesel Has Increased Emissions
UN Agency Demands More Doomsday Headlines
World Bank: Plans for Coal-fired Plants in Asia Disaster for the Planet 



Friends of Science 14th Annual Event-May 10, 2016
Canada 's Parliamentary Budget Office: Cutting Emissions Will Cost the Economy
US Republicans: Paris Agreement Will Fail Just Like Kyoto
US and China Resist Emissions Curbs on Shipping
Palestine Redux
Emails Show that Democratic Attorneys-General and Climate Activists Colluded on Prosecuting Dissenters
EU Nations Begin Anti-Green Divestment and Rollback
54 Million Europeans Must Choose between Eating and Heating
Fossil Fuels' Value Not Imperiled By Climate Change
Warmer, More Agreeable US Weather Undermining Climate Action
Enemies of Freedom: Scientific Silencers Are Trying To Shut Down Climate Skepticism
The Replication Crisis: Possible Impact on Climate Science
Climate Change: What Do Scientists Say?




The Leap Manifesto
When Energy Policy Goes Bad
Forest Growth Accelerating in Canada due to CO2 Fertilizer Effect
Subpoenaed into Silence on Global Warming
US Federal Court Rules in Favour of Child Plaintiffs Demanding Climate Action
Suit against Obama 's Clean Power Program-Brief of Amici Curiae Scientists
Solar Power Wrecking the California Grid-Blackouts Likely
Exxon Strikes Back Against the Climate Witch Hunt
Green Energy Corruption Splits German Environmental Movement
German Government Plans to Stop and Reverse Wind Power
Green Energy Dropping As Developing Nations Return To Cheap Fossil Fuels
The Real Motive behind the Warming Scare




Friends Helping Friends: Alberta 's NDP Government
California Dreamin ' Renewables for Alberta
Ted Cruz on Energy and Markets
World 's Largest Green Energy Company Faces Bankruptcy
Al Gore, Democratic Attorney-Generals Launch Attack to Silence Climate Skeptics
The Battle for Free Speech in Science
Boom To Bust: Europe 's Renewables Industry Falls Into Rapid Decline
Efforts to Decarbonize the World Economy Will Almost Certainly Fail
New Study Debunks Polar Bear Scare
Astronomers from India, China and Japan See Evidence for New Little Ice Age 




Canada 's Budget-A Clean Growth Economy 
Obama Signs Climate Pact with Canada
US Pays First $500 Million to Green Climate Fund
Green Fury at Warren Buffett's Climate Heresy
Solar Power Isn't Working (Without Fat Subsidies)
Oil Industry Pushes Back against Exxon Climate Accusations
Yet Another Hottest Year on Record?
Global Warming Satellite Data Get Suspicious MakeoverUK
Climate Scientists: We're Going to Investigate the Pause




The EU Can 't Keep Its Paris Climate Promises
The Climate Summit of Money
Japan 's 43 New Coal Power Plants Cast Doubt on Paris CO2 Pledges
America 's Energy Future is Bright-And Obama Hates It
Exxon Stands Up to the Green Bullies
Scientists Are Exaggerating CO2 Threat to Marine Life 
Statistical Forecasting: How Fast Will Future Warming Be?
New Paper Shows that the Global Warming Hiatus is Real, After All
US House Expands Probe of Hiatus-Denying NOAA Story
After El Ni ±o, Will the Global Warming Pause Continue?
Ten Dire Polar Bear Predictions that Have Failed




Alberta 's Power Generation Shift Unclear
Majority of Canadians Are Climate Skeptics
Obama Administration Vows to Sign Paris Deal without Senate Approval
Benny Peiser: The Changing Climate of UK Climate Policy
Climate Science is Settled, Except When It 's Not
How the Sierra Club Took Millions from the Natural Gas Industry-and Why They Stopped.
The WWF: Thugs and Guns Against Pygmies
Are Environmentalism and Global Warming Effectively Religious Socialism?
Shock Study: Some School Students are Still Taught about Natural Climate Variation
Walking the Climate Talk
Solar Cycle 24 Continues to be Lowest in Nearly 200 Years




US Supreme Court Halts Obama 's CO2 Emissions Rule
President Obama 's Hidden EPA Enabling Act
Greening  of the Military: Obama Orders Pentagon to Fight Global Warming
Paris Climate Promise: A Bad Deal for America?
EU Faces Two-year Wrangle to Ratify Paris Climate Deal
UN Makes 5 Million Africans Homeless to Fight Global Warming
David Suzuki: Enemy of Free Speech
Carbon Taxes: Real Misery, Imaginary Results
Extreme Weather Raises Climate Concerns-But only if It Happened Yesterday




The Trojan Horse of the Paris Climate Agreement
Surprise! Most German Wind Investors Losing Money Duped by Exaggerated Wind Projections
Exxon: Oil and Gas Will Still Dominate Energy in 2040
30% of Total Human CO2 Emissions since 2000, but Nothing to Show for It
Beware the Green Lobby
2015 Global Temperature: How Some Scientists Deliberately Mistook Weather for Climate
Climate Alarmists Invent a New Excuse: The Satellites Are Lying
Study: Alberta Power Rates to Rise Sharply due to Climate Plan
A New Kind of Attack on Climate Denial
History and the Limits of Climate Consensus
No Extinctions : Polar Bears Survived Periods when Arctic Had No Ice
Ross McKitrick: The Electric Car Is Dead, Executed by Al Gore and His Environmental Allies




Global Warming: A Major Challenge for Science and Society Effectively Tackled by FoS
Europe: A Green Energy Basket Case
Analyst: US Senate Should Unilaterally Refuse to Ratify Paris Climate Treaty
Climate Scientists: Paris Agreement Fatally Flawed
Next Stop for Paris Climate Deal: The Courts
Good Climate, Bad Democracy
Shock Green Discovery: Negative Messages Make People Feel Sad
TransCanada 's Legal Action May Lead to Review of Climate Science
Obama 's Green Cars Plan Falling Short
Ban-Ki Moon 's Climate Finance Plan

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