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This November 2009 report on the state of Himalayan glaciers by V.K.Raina, of the Geological Survey of India shows that glaciers are not retreating abnormally and do not show any immediate response to climate change. Himalayan glaciers, although showing a retreating front, have not in exhibited recent abnormal annual retreat. Some glacier's retreat has slowed significantly during the last few years.

Antarctica Cooling

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A paper published in Nature claims to show that Antarctica has been warming, contradicting the usual interpretation of available data that the continent is cooling. An analysis of the paper shows that the warming is entirely the result of a faulty statistical methodology. When the error in the methodology is corrected, the warming becomes cooling.

Updated AMSR-E Sea Ice Maps

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Follow the daily extent of the Arctic and Antarctic sea ice. View this fascinating information sponsored by the University of Bremen, Germany.

Media Bias and Sea Ice

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Dr. Tim Ball discusses the media bias concerning Arctic sea ice.

Antarctic Ice Sheet Mass Balance

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Remote sensing satellites were used to determine the changes in volume of the Antarctic ice sheet from 1992 to 2003. The study found that the ice sheet is growing at 5 mm per year, which lowers global sea levels.

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