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Status of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet

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This study of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet shows that it has not undergone major retreat during the past 7,000 years. The results are consistent with satellite measurements that indicate the EAIS interior has grown since 1992.

The Tenacity of Greenland Ice

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A study by Eldrett et al. (2007) shows that Greenland had glaciers 20 million years earlier than previously documented, when sea temperatures were 5 to 8 degrees Celsius higher than today. The findings was determined by deep sea ice cores.

The Mass Balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet

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The Idso family of CO2 Science reviews several studies of Greenland's ice sheet. They find some studies claim a loss of ice, while others show a gain of mass in recent times. The Greenland temperature history has been incredibly volatile over the past century. These changes do not correlate to CO2 concentrations.

Greenland Ice Sheet

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The CO2 Science article reviews several studies pertaining to the Greenland Ice Sheet.

A 221-Year Temperature History of the Southwest Coast of Greenland

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The study compiles Greenland temperature records since 1884. Their newly-lengthened record reveals there has been no net warming of the region over the last 75 years!

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