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Climate Models: Approximations and Limits

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This article discusses the parameterizations and limits of climate computer models.

Does the Earth Have An Iris Anolog?

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Richard Lindzen, a professor of meteorology, proposes that the Earth has an adaptive infrared iris - a built in "check-and-balance" mechanism that effectively counters global warming. This effect is not included in climate models.

Climate Model Cloud Simulations

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The authors compared basic cloud climatologies from ten atmospheric general circulation models with satellite measurements. They reports that "differences of seasonal amplitudes among the models and satellite measurements can reach several hundred percent."


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From "Human Impacts on Weather And Climate" by William Cotton. Examines the impact of human produced aerosols on climate. Aerosols have the potential for having substantial impacts on clouds, precipitation, and the radiative properties of clouds.

Internal Radiative Forcing And The Illusion Of A Sensitive Climate System

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This paper uses a simple climate model to show how daily noise in the Earth's cloud cover amount can cause feedback estimates from observational data to be biased in the positive direction, making the climate system look more sensitive to man-made greenhouse gas emissions than it really is.

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