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Internal Radiative Forcing And The Illusion Of A Sensitive Climate System

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This paper uses a simple climate model to show how daily noise in the Earth's cloud cover amount can cause feedback estimates from observational data to be biased in the positive direction, making the climate system look more sensitive to man-made greenhouse gas emissions than it really is.

Climate Model Inadequacies (Radiation)

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This CO2 Science article discusses the problems that today's general circulation models of the atmosphere have in simulating the physics of earth's radiative energy balance. It shows that many processes are inadequately modeled, including clouds, solar effects and aerosols. Climate model test show they totally fail to reproduce recent climate parameters.

The Problem With Climate Models

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Dr Vincent Gray shows that climate models have great uncertainties. He concludes "that computer models cannot at present predict the future climate at all."

IPCC AR5 Climate Sensitivity?

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The IPCC fifth assessment report failed to provide a best estimate of equillibrium climate sensitivity. Christopher Monckton of Brenchley uses the feedback parameters published in the report to determine realistic estimates expected global warming to the year 2100. He finds that global temperature could rise by up to 2.1 C by 2100 if the reported feedback parameters are correct, which is much less that the 3.7 C estimated to the RCP 8.5 emissions scenario. Monckton's best estimate is that the feedbacks are net zero, giving a temperature rise of just 3/4 of a degree Celsius by 2100.

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