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CO2 and Plant Growth
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Tree Growth in Carbon Dioxide Enriched air and its Implications

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This study by Dr. Sherwood Idso shows that the world's forests increase their rates of carbon sequestering by 2.8 times in response to a 300 ppm increase in the CO2 content in the air. After two years of growth in a controlled experiment, trees in an ambient plus 300 ppm CO2 enriched environment were 2.8 times larger than the trees without CO2 enrichment.

Tree and Forest Functioning in an Enriched CO2 Atmosphere

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This abstract shows that elevated levels of atmospheric CO2 causes a long-term biomass increase of 130% for conifer trees and 49% for deciduous trees in studies not involving stress components. However, stimulation of photosynthesis by elevated CO2 in long-term studies was similar for conifers (62 %) and deciduous trees (53 %).

The Effect of Long-term Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment on the Intrinsic Water-use Efficiency of Sour Orange Trees

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This study evaluated the water use efficiency of orange trees at Phoenix, Arizona in response to elevated atmospheric CO2. The trees increased their water-use efficiency by 80% in response to a 300 ppmv increase in CO2, which is identical to the long-term CO2-induced increase in the trees' production of wood and fruit biomass. This suggests there could be little to no change in total water-use as trees' productivity increases with the air's CO2 content .

In Praise of CO2

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Lawrence Solomon shows that increasing CO2 in the atmosphere has caused the Earth's biomass to significantly increase. The planet is the greenest it's been in decades, thanks to man-made CO2 emissions!