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The Global Warming- Extreme Weather Link

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Dr Madhav Khandekar, a former meteorologist from Environment Canada, examines several recent extreme weather events and discusses them in the context of the ongoing climate debate. There have been increasing cold weather extremes in recent years, which have been totally ignored by the IPCC. The decade of the 1930s was the hottest on record in the USA, and the deadliest heatwave in Canada took place in July of 1936. The 2013 hurricane season in the North Atlantic has been one of least active on record. There has been be no increase in extreme weather events in recent years.

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Don't Cause More Severe Storms

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Super-storm Sandy resulted from a collision of a tropical storm with a cold front from the north. The sea surface temperature in the region of Sandy's path shows no warming trend from 1935 so the hurricane was not made more intense by warming. There was an insignificant increase in the greenhouse effect since 1979. Numerous studies show that storms are more severe in cold climates, and there is no empirical link between warming and hurricanes.

The Global Warming Blizzard Myth

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Some climate alarmists have argued that record snowfalls in Europe and North America this winter are the consequence of global warming. But recent record snowfalls and previous large snowfalls have always been associated with colder than normal temperatures. There has been no increase in extreme weather events in real world data.

Severe Weather with Warming - Incorrect

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Tim Ball shows that the claim of more severe weather with global warming is scientifically incorrect.

Will Global Warming Harm Agriculture?

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FOS Science Advisor Dr. Madhav Khandekar comments on an article in Science Magazine which claims that global warming will harm agriculture in the tropics. Dr. Khandekar shows that tropical agriculture has increased greatly over the last 25 years while temperatures have increased. He disagrees that grain yields will fall in a warmer world.

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