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Trends and Changes in Extreme Weather Events

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Worldwide, the news media commonly report that weather extremes such as droughts, floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes are becoming much more frequent, and the implication is made that global circulation models support this idea. What has happened is that weather-related damage to human infrastructure has increased as world population rises, and the distribution and value of housing and other buildings increases. Dr. Madhav Khandekar, a retired Environment Canada climatologist deals with extreme weather events extensively in a report for the Alberta Government.

Hurricanes and Global Warming: Is There a Link?

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George H. Taylor is Certified Consulting Meteorologist and State Climatologist, Oregon. He reviews the hurricane data and concludes that the data suggests a decrease in hurricane strikes in the USA over time since 1990. The number of intense and landfalling Atlantic hurricanes has declined and in the Gulf of Mexico there is no sign of an increase in hurricane frequency or intensity.

Global Warming and Hurricanes: Still No Connection

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Patrick Michaels reviews recent studies of hurricane data and shows there is no meaningful link between hurricanes and global warming.

Hurricanes and Climate Change: Assessing the Linkages Following the 2006 Season

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William M. Gray, Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University reviews the hurricane data and the science of hurricanes. He says there is no reliable data available to indicate increased hurricane frequency or intensity in any of the globe's seven tropical cyclone basins, and that there is no plausible physical reasons for believing that Atlantic hurricane frequency or intensity will change significantly if global ocean temperatures continue to rise.

Hurricane/Global Warming Link Weakens Further

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This article from World Climate Report reviews a study by researchers Gabriel Vecchi and Brian Soden that examines the projections of atmospheric characteristics that would effect hurricane formation and intensity. They find the climate models show an increase in vertical wind shear and increased vertical stability, both quantities that inhibits the formation of hurricanes. The conclusion is that CO2 induced warming will not cause an increase in hurricane intensity.

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