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Global Warming and Hurricanes: Still No Connection

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Patrick Michaels reviews recent studies of hurricane data and shows there is no meaningful link between hurricanes and global warming.

Downward Trends in the Frequency of Intense Atlantic Hurricanes During the Past Five Decades

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There is concern that the enhanced greenhouse effect may be affecting extreme weather events such as tropical cyclones. The North Atlantic basin offers a reliable, long-term record of tropical cyclone activity, though it may not be representative of tropical cyclones throughout the rest of the tropics. The most recent years of 1991 through 1994 have experienced the quietest tropical cyclone activity on record in terms of frequency of tropical storms, hurricanes, and intense hurricanes. This was followed by the 1995 hurricane season, one of the busiest in the past 50 years. Despite 1995's activity, a long-term (five decade) downward trend continues to be evident primarily in the frequency of intense hurricanes.

Uncertainty in Hurricanes and Global Warming

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Kevin Trenberth discusses whether a trend in hurricane activity can be attributed to human activity. He reviews the factors that affect hurricane strength.

Hurricane Activity Varies All the Time

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Dr. Tad Murty has studied storms all his life. He says there is no evidence that global warming has caused increase hurricane activity.

Tornadoes Not a Sign of Global Warming

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Tim Ball discusses the science of tornadoes and storms, and the use of fear of extreme weather by politicians and environmental extremists to promote their political agendas.

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