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Uncertainty in Hurricanes and Global Warming

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Kevin Trenberth discusses whether a trend in hurricane activity can be attributed to human activity. He reviews the factors that affect hurricane strength.

Hurricane Activity Varies All the Time

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Dr. Tad Murty has studied storms all his life. He says there is no evidence that global warming has caused increase hurricane activity.

Storm Frenzy Is Not an Anomaly, But a Phase

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Bill Coats says the that changing hurricane activity is the result of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, not global warming.

Tornadoes Not a Sign of Global Warming

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Tim Ball discusses the science of tornadoes and storms, and the use of fear of extreme weather by politicians and environmental extremists to promote their political agendas.

Centuries of Yellow River Climate

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You have been told in countless news stories that increasing greenhouse gases is causing droughts and floods all over the world. World Climate Reports looks at two studies of droughts and floods in the Yellow River area in China. One shows that recent climate trends could probably be attributed to the climate effects of black carbon aerosols and human-induced land cover changes. A second study shows a history of the Yellow River streamflow has decreased significantly but is not yet out of the range of earlier streamflow fluctuations reconstructed for the past several centuries.

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