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Climategate Continues - Yamal

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The climategate emails released in 2009 had much discussion about a tree-ring temperature reconstruction by Keith Briffa from trees in the Yamal area in Siberia. The series had very few trees; 12 tree cores in 1988 declining to 5 in 1995. The series showed a large increase in the 20th century, but the "hockey stick" shaped increase was almost entirely due to one tree - YAD06. The emails show that a larger selection of trees were available but not used. After a 4-year battle to obtain data of the larger area, Steve McIntyre obtained a list of sites. Using all the data, the "hockey stick" increase disappeared.

USHCN Surface Temperatures: Dramatic Warming Adjustments

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Dr. Roy Spencer analyzed the United States Historical Climate Network (USHCN) temperature index and reports that virtually all of the USHCN warming since 1973 appears to be the result of adjustments NOAA has made to the data, mainly in the 1995-97 timeframe. The linear USHCN 1973 to 2012 temperature trend is 19 times the population adjusted temperature trend from the International Surface Hourly dataset.

The Shakun Debacle - Temperature or CO2 Leads?

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A recent paper by Shakun et al purports to show that CO2 increases preceded temperature rise during the last deglaciation, directly contradicting numerous previous studies. A detailed examination of the data used in the paper shows that the conclusion is not supported by the data. The paper alleges that the end of the last ice age was caused by orbital changes that initiated solar warming of the north region which reduced the Atlantic Ocean circulation and warmed the southern hemisphere. Without providing any evidence, that paper assumes that CO2 out-gassing from the southern oceans caused further northern hemisphere warming.

Permafrost and Climate Change in the Colorado Front Range

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A borehole temperature study by Sam Outcalt shows that the climate in the Colorado mountains has recently undergone a dramatic shift in the first decade of the 21st Century from a warming to cooling regime.

Zombie Hockey Stick Dies Again

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A paper by McShane and Wyner publised in a top-ranking statistics journal reviews the zombie hockey stick graph by Michael Mann which was prominently featured in the IPCC's Third Assessment Report. The paper says "we conclude unequivocally that the evidence for a "long-handled" hockey stick (where the shaft of the hockey stick extends to the year 1000 AD) is lacking in the data."

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