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The Shakun Debacle - Temperature or CO2 Leads?

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A recent paper by Shakun et al purports to show that CO2 increases preceded temperature rise during the last deglaciation, directly contradicting numerous previous studies. A detailed examination of the data used in the paper shows that the conclusion is not supported by the data. The paper alleges that the end of the last ice age was caused by orbital changes that initiated solar warming of the north region which reduced the Atlantic Ocean circulation and warmed the southern hemisphere. Without providing any evidence, that paper assumes that CO2 out-gassing from the southern oceans caused further northern hemisphere warming.

Permafrost and Climate Change in the Colorado Front Range

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A borehole temperature study by Sam Outcalt shows that the climate in the Colorado mountains has recently undergone a dramatic shift in the first decade of the 21st Century from a warming to cooling regime.

Zombie Hockey Stick Dies Again

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A paper by McShane and Wyner publised in a top-ranking statistics journal reviews the zombie hockey stick graph by Michael Mann which was prominently featured in the IPCC's Third Assessment Report. The paper says "we conclude unequivocally that the evidence for a "long-handled" hockey stick (where the shaft of the hockey stick extends to the year 1000 AD) is lacking in the data."

Disclosure of Climate Data - Submission to UK Parliament

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Steve McIntyre prepared this submission to the UK Parliamentary Committee investigating the Climategate scandal. The Climate Research Unit "has manipulated and/or withheld data with an effect on the research record. The manipulation includes (but is not limited to) arbitrary adjustment ("bodging"), cherry picking and deletion of adverse data."

Surface Temperature Record: Policy Driven Deception?

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Instrumental temperature databases exhibit very serious problems that render them useless for determining accurate long-term temperature trends. This report shows that contamination by urbanization, changes in land use, improper siting and a reduction of reporting stations have caused a severe warming bias.