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The Varying Sun and Climate Change

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Willie Soon and Sallie Baliunas examine the relationship between the varying solar magnetism and Earth's climate. They show that recent climate changes are likely mostly natural and result from the varying output of the Sun.

ACRIM Composite Total Solar Irradiance

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This plot shows the total solar irradiance (TSI) from satellite data from The TSI minima trend between solar cycles 21 - 23 is +0.037%/decade. The minima at the end of solar cycle 23 is significantly less than the minima at the end of solar cycle 22.

Solar Climatic Effects

This article from CO2 Science summarized the results of several studies that show the Sun's effects on climate.

Solar Activity Drives 20th-Century Global Warming

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This CO2 Science article determines the relative contribution of CO2 and the Sun's changes on the 20th Century warming, and shows that CO2 has contributed 15% to 20% while the Sun has contributed 80% to 85%.

Solar Changes and the Climate

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The sun plays a role in our climate in direct and indirect ways. This article shows how the Sun's eruptional activity and total magnetic flux affects climate. High solar activity results in ultraviolet induced ozone chemical reactions in the high atmosphere and reduced cosmic rays which reduces the amount of low cloudiness. Both effects cause global warming.

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