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Providing Insight
Into Climate Change
Friends of Science Speaker on Climate and Climate Policy

Invite one of our Speakers to Talk Climate Science, Policy, Commentary.

Ken Gregory, B.AppSc., President of Friends of Science. Ken will review the Alberta Climate Plan and carbon tax, and the faulty climate models that are driving the climate fears. See video here. See presentation here, PDF file.
Michelle Stirling, Communications Manager. She will discuss our coal phase-out findings, market influences of ENGOs and the implications of the Alberta climate plan, see video here.
Norm Kalmanovich, P. Geoph. - Norm reviews IPCC statements versus actual data. He was lead author on our "Burning Questions" report. See videos here, here.

Ron Davison, P. Eng. Ron reviews climate data and exposes the holes in the IPCC view. See powerpoint here.

To invite a speaker, contact us HERE.