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Into Climate Change

Earth Day Confuses Cult Indoctrination with Education

Earth Day is upon us and once again we’ll be bombarded with appeals to protect the earth for our children. Our children, in turn, will be subjected to agenda-driven indoctrination that would have made Stalin proud. As they are every day, it turns out. In the UK, a report released in early April entitled “Climate Control: Brainwashing in Schools” revealed that global warming/climate change propaganda has infiltrated every aspect of education, leading Education Secretary Michael Gove to publicly state that school principals are "breaking the law if they preach an eco-agenda."

Crowds Go Cold on Climate Cost

Maurice Newman, chairman of the Australian Prime Minister's Business Advisory Council, writes "climate change policies are losing public support". He says that anthropogenic global warming is a delusion and notes that both the surface and satellite observations produce linear temperature trends which are below 97 per cent of the climate models. But the climate change establishment, through the IPCC, remains intent on exploiting the masses and extracting more money. The IPCC resorts to dishonesty and deceit. "From the UN down, the climate change delusion is a gigantic money tree. It is a tyranny that, despite its pretensions, favours the rich and politically powerful at the expense of the poor and powerless."

Welcome to the IPCC Alternative Reality

A conversation between IPCC Chairperson Dr Pachauri and roving reporter Heidi de Klein about the findings of the recently released Summary for Policy Makers (SPM) of the 5th Assessment Report.

R. Lindzen - Understanding the IPCC Climate Assessment

Dr. Richard Lindzen of MIT says the latest IPCC report is a political document designed to make lies sound truthful. As the discrepancies between models and observations increase, the IPCC insists that its confidence in the model predictions is greater than ever. The IPCC gives two possibilities to explain the discrepancies: the sensitivity of the climate to increasing greenhouse gases is less than models project and that the heat added by increasing CO2 is 'hiding' in the deep ocean. Both possibilities contradict alarming claims.

U.S. Senate Hearing: Obama is Lying on Climate Change

Marita Noon, Executive Director of Energy Makes America Great, Inc.writes about U.S. President Obama spreading lies about climate change to support his proposed costly restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions. At the July 18 Senate hearing on Climate hearing, no witness could support Obama's lie that "temperature around the globe is increasing faster than was predicted even ten years ago." In fact, there has been no warming in the last 16 years. Data presented at the Senate hearing shows that climate models grossly overestimate the warming, and extreme weather events are not becoming more severe or more common.

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