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Obama Climate Speech Riddled With Lies

Tom Harris of the International Climate Science Coalition and Dr. Tim Ball published an article in PJ Media criticizing President Barack Obama's naive and error-riddled speech at Georgetown University on June 25. Obama ignores that the "official climate science" has been falsified by the 17 years without global warming, despite rising atmospheric carbon dioxide. The article points out numerous errors in the speech. Obama also seems oblivious to real-world economic evidence that the policy path on which he is setting the U.S. has already been tried and has failed in other countries.

The 'Secret' BBC List Exposed

The BBC held a meeting with 30 people they called "climate experts" to determine its climate reporting policy. The meeting led to the BBC abandoning impartiality in climate reporting and would no longer report the views of scientists skeptical of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming. The participants were actually environmental activists, led by Greenpeace, advocacy directors or were involved in sustainable (green) investments.

UN Climate Organization Wants Immunities

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is seeking immunities against charges of conflict of interest and exceeding its mandate. The UNFCCC manages a global cap and trade system that is costing consumers billions of dollars while the earth continues to cool.

Teachers' Journal Wants Questions about Climate Change Suppressed

The Alberta Science Education Journal is telling Alberta science teachers that educators and the media should never question theories of Catastrophic Anthropogenic (human-caused) Global Warming (CAGW). Journal states that, even though climate change is about science, questioning should be suppressed and the public should be manipulated to believe that global warming is a certainty.

Pacific Institute Reinstates Confessed Fraudster, Peter Gleick

The Pacific Institute's decision on June 6, 2012 to reinstate confessed criminal Peter Gleick as president is a new ethical low for the climate science community. He stole private documents from the Heartland Institute by fraudulently impersonating a board member, and distributed them and a damaging fake document to journalists.

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