The Cost-Benefit Question on City of Calgary Climate Change Plans

The City of Calgary has been actively engaged in incorporating climate change planning into almost every level of municipal culture. But has anyone stopped to ask questions about the Cost-Benefit of some of these proposals and initiatives?   Do citizens even know what some aspects of going green ' will cost them? Is climate change ' too often a diversion of funds and attention from more serious municipal needs like flood mitigation, infrastructure, or homelessness? Friends of Science Society has issued two reports responding to the City of Calgary 's Climate Change Plan.

The first is entitled: City of Calgary The Climate Cost-Benefit Question.   It demonstrates the incremental path of rising costs.

The second report is entitled: The Costs of Doing Something Wrong: An Evidence-based Review.  It examines the scientific claims about climate change data in the Calgary area and looks at some climate change policies in the context of geographic and climate norms and population densities of other global cities.

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