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Open Letter to Premier Redford January 25, 2013

Friends of Science have issued an open letter to Premier Alison Redford in response to her public address of Jan. 24, 2013. Our position is that carbon capture and reduction methods are a wasteful diversion of public funds, and based on faulty science.

Which is Better for the Environment: Transit or Roads?

Compared with driving, rail transit is slow, inconvenient and expensive. In the USA, the average urban transit bus uses 120% of the energy used by the average passenger car per passenger-mile. Rail transit systems in many cities use much more energy per passenger-mile than cars.

Summary of the FoS Response to Canada's CO2 Reduction Plan

Here is a one-page summary of the Friends of Science response to Environment Canada's CO2 reduction plan, with a link to the submission.

The Wind Power Industry - the Greatest Scam of Our Age

The wind power industry in Britain is costing over £1000 per year for every household. Three lies by the industry are exposed. This article shows that: 1. Wind power is ludicrously inefficient. 2. Wind power is a preposterously expensive way to produce electricity. 3. Wind power does not reduce CO2 emissions.

Electricity in The Netherlands: Wind Turbines Increase Fuel Consumption

Wind developments of various sizes in the Netherlands cause extra fuel consumption instead of fuel saving, when compared to electricity production with modern high-efficiency gas turbines only.

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