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Political Realities versus Physical Realities

FoS member Jens Bagh is a Professional Engineer who resides in Calgary. His short essay contrasts the political versus the physical realities of climate change.

This Is What A Trillion $ Buys You

A $Trillion expenditure might reduce global temperatures by 0.01 Celsius by 2050.

Bogeymen Of The C02 Hoax Losing Ground

James Hansen of NASA and Andrew Weaver, lead author of the IPCC Reports, make extreme statements designed to scare people. Dr. Tim Ball writes in this Frontier Centre report that people are not being fooled by their tactics.

61 Scientists Request a Review of Climate Science

An open letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The Censors - Denying Global Warming Debate

Censorsphip of debate on global warming issues is a major problem.

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