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Macron’s Naievete about Climate Change

French President Emmanuel Macron believes in the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Mr. Macron clearly bases his opinions on the findings of the IPCC's reports which are the scientific foundation of the Paris Agreement. He said that France would cover the cost of U.S .donations to the IPCC now that President Trump canceled US funding. The IPCC is not actually practicing science when they make their forecasts. It is pseudo-science for a political agenda. It is based on climate models that failed all of their predictions. In the 1960s, HadCRUT4 temperature index which the cllimate models use did not have any measurements in the oceans and few measurements on land except in four countries, and.earlier data is much sparser. Today, there is essentially no data for about 85 percent of our planet’s surface. There are fewer weather stations in operation now than there were in 1960.

The Cost-Benefit Question on City of Calgary Climate Change Plans

The City of Calgary has been actively engaged in incorporating climate change planning into almost every level of municipal culture. But has anyone stopped to ask questions about the Cost-Benefit of some of these proposals and initiatives? Do citizens even know what some aspects of ‘going green’ will cost them? Is ‘climate change’ too often a diversion of funds and attention from more serious municipal needs like flood mitigation, infrastructure, or homelessness? Friends of Science Society has issued two reports responding to the City of Calgary’s Climate Change Plan.

How America Can Dominate the World Energy Market

Tom Harris, executive director of the International Climate Science Coalition, writes about America First Energy Conference on Nov. 9, organized by the Heartland Institute, contrasting its message to that from the recent UN climate conference in Bonn. Craig Idso told the audience that the whole biosphere is reaping incredible benefits from increasing CO2. Energy dominance is achievable if current development plans continue. One speaker said America could become a net exporter of oil within five years. America has the world’s largest coal reserves, but exports are hampered due to lack of export terminals.

To Put America First Is to Put Our Planet’s Climate First

This article by Marko, Soon et al refutes the "popular delusion that man-made global warming will be dangerous and that, therefore, the Paris Agreement would be beneficial." They write "The Paris agreement is, in practice, a political tool for suppressing growth and redistributing wealth." The historical record shows that CO2 changes lag temperature changes. Climate models predicted that warming over the last 27 years (1990-2016) would be twice as much as actually observed. Extreme weather events like tornadoes and hurricanes have been decreasing over the last several decades. Warming and CO2 fertilization has caused a greening of the earth and increasing crop yields.

Trump Bids Paris Adieu!

In a much anticipated decision, saying it was a bad deal for America, President Donald Trump announced the United States was withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement 195 countries negotiated in December 2015. The Paris climate agreement would cost the U.S. economy nearly $3 trillion according to a study by NERA Economic Consulting. The treaty would do little to prevent future warming. Tom Harris, executive director of the International Climate Science Coalition, said “Now that the U.S. has withdrawn from the Paris climate agreement, I hope countries like my own homeland, Canada, follow America’s lead and put their citizens’ well-being ahead of the desires of anti-fossil fuel activists and big government bureaucrats.”

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