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Ontario’s Costly Coal Phase-out Did Not Significantly Reduce Air Pollution—a Lesson for Ottawa

Shuttering Ontario’s coal-fired power plants had very little effect on reducing air pollution, helped fuel skyrocketing energy costs, and should serve as a lesson to policymakers across the country, finds a new study released today by the Fraser Institute. In Toronto and Hamilton, the reduction in fine particulates was statistically insignificant. In fact, had the province completed its modernization of the coal-fired plants, instead of shutting them down, fine particulate reductions of the same size could have been achieved at a much lower cost. In 2005, all electricity power generation—including coal—comprised just 0.7 per cent of fine particulate emissions in Ontario.

Letter: Electrical Costs Spark Action in Alberta

A letter written in response to a Southern Alberta Newspapers article called for: a) An inquiry into the true costs of wind power including transmission, b) A moratorium on wind development until benefit, if any, can be established. The letter shows that "Wind generation in Alberta has cost about $5 billion, of which about $2 billion (so far) have been paid for by customers for underused transmission dedicated to wind." Expensive transmission lines have to be overbuilt by 300% because the annual wind power output is only 32% of the designed capacity. Wind power is notoriously variable and unreliable requiring 100% backup by conventional power plants.

Dire Consequences: Destroying Alberta's Affordable Power Advantage

A critical review of the claims of accelerated Phase-out Coal Activists. Affordable energy is an Alberta Advantage, one we have enjoyed for years, thanks to an abundant, high quality coal supply (which Albertans own), willing investors, responsible industry and ever-improving, sensible air quality regulations and mitigation techniques. We challenge the claims of the Alberta government and anti-coal activist advisors like the Pembina Institute and their recent report “Breathing in the Benefits.” Will we face the dire consequences of energy poverty, industrial collapse, and burdensome taxes as we have seen in Ontario, the UK, and the EU?

Geothermal for Alberta? A Case for Caution

CANGEA - the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association – has been making a concerted case for the development of Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) in Alberta. This report reviews the potential of geothermal in Alberta and explores the differences between geothermal in well-known spots like Iceland and the differences in Canada that make geothermal a less likely power producer for Alberta. The use of deep, old wells for geothermal poses the risk of deadly hydrogen sulfide (H2S) leaks. An evaluation of all costs and risks be undertaken before proceeding down this path.

A Confluence of Carbonbaggers

This reviews the substantial failings of the IPCC in everything from the original premise that human activity producing greenhouse gases was the primary cause of recent warming, to vast errors in climate models that are 500 and 600% off trend. The report includes a compilation of errors, false and wildly exaggerated predictions by the U.N. panel. National economies have been ruined, investment markets distorted, industries devastated, thousands have died prematurely due to sharp rise in power prices as people have been pushed into ‘heat-or-eat’ poverty due to policies based on flawed documents from the IPCC.

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