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Into Climate Change
FoS Extracts - 2020 Table of Contents



Population Panic Lets Rich People Off the Hook
Why Deaths From Hurricanes And Other Natural Disasters Are Lower Than Ever
Solar Energy Projects Face Extinction as Subsidies Run Out
Power Companies "Hindering" the Move to Renewables
Are Forests The New Coal? Global Alarm Raised over Biomass Burning
UNFCCC Pushes Alarmist Lies About Its Own Science
The Green, Green Road to Energy Blackouts
Extinction Rebellion’s Plan For Eco-Soviets




California's Blackouts Expose "Clean" Energy Problems
Vanity Is Driving Government Spending in Canada
Beware of Green Stimulus
CLINTEL Issues Great Charter of Universities for Research Freedom
Peter Ridd to Appeal Court Ruling
Irish Supreme Court Orders Government to Strengthen Climate Plan
Australian Labor Party Split Emerges over Green Energy
Exclusive Poll: Amid Covid-19, Americans Don’t Care About Climate Change Anymore
The Dirty Secrets of "Clean" Electric Vehicles
50% Of The EU’s ‘Climate Budget’ Will be Given To Farmers, Critics Warn
IPCC to Delay Release of Next Climate Science Report
Climate-change Hysteria Costs Lives — But Activists Want to Keep the Panic Alive




Climate Lawsuits Worldwide
Ridd Case: Federal Court Delivers Blow to Free Speech in Australia
The EU's "Climate Bank"
East European Nations Reject New EU Climate Targets
EU Leaders Slash Climate Budget in Coronavirus Recovery Package
UN Body Endorses Aviation Industry Proposal on Emissions Offsets
Greta Thunberg Demands Response to "Climate Crisis" Now




Green Activist Apologizes for the Climate Scare
Facebook Oversight Board Asked To Censor Climate Skeptic Posts
COVID vs. Climate Models: Cloudy with a Chance of Politics
The Flaw in Relying on Worst-Case-Scenario Climate Modelling
EU Made ‘No Progress’ In Climate Action Over Past Five Years
African Lives Matter, Too
The Gruesome Human Cost of Renewable Energy
The Heartland of America Is Clearly Benefiting from Climate Change
New German Study: E-Cars ‘Actually Exacerbate Global Warming’




Alarmist Queen Hayhoe Takedown by Friends of Science
Greta Thunberg Looks to UN Security Council Election for Leverage on Climate
Profits Count More Than Ever, Not Corporate Virtue-Signaling
Australian Companies Will Be Paid to Use Less Electricity
German Authorities Cracking Down on "Climate Change Dissent"
‘Planet Of The Humans’ EP Michael Moore & Director Jeff Gibbs Blast “Blatant Censorship” After Controversial Documentary Yanked From YouTube
UN Climate Conference Delayed Until November 2021
EU Ditches Green Deal For Aviation Industry
Germany’s Newest Coal Plant Opens




Civil War on the Left: Michael Moore vs. the Greens
Canada’s Cool-Headed Antidote To Hot Arctic Alarmism
European Commission Rejects ‘Climate-Related Conditions’ for Covid-19 Recovery Aid
Without Subsidies Germany’s Solar Industry Could Implode This Summer
Mexico Puts the Kibosh On Renewables
Ambitious EU Climate Efforts Could Increase CO2 Emissions In The Rest Of The World, New Study Warns
Bowing to Activists, Google Won’t Build AI Tools for Oil And Gas Drillers
Not Even the Global Covid-19 Disaster Will Make A Big Difference To Atmospheric CO2 Levels




Michael Moore Documentary Reveals Ecological Impact of Renewables
Carbon Credit Scam: Carbon Markets Flop as CO2 Declines
Architect of UN's Paris Climate Agreement Dismisses Coronavirus Deaths and Misery
UN Climate Fund Calls Coronavirus "Opportunity" to Re-shape the World
WHO Official Peddles False Pandemic Link To Climate Change
Macron’s Climate Panel Wants To Ban Cars, 5G, Big Box Stores, More
Belgian Region to Block EU Climate Law
Greenpeace Takes Arctic Oil Lawsuit to Norway's Supreme Court
Mercedes-Benz Ends Hydrogen Car Development Because It’s Too Costly




COP26 Postponed
Covid-19 Effect - Moving Activism Online
Dutch Government: COVID-19 More Important than Climate Plans
Climate Alarmists Never Miss an Emergency
Green Fuel Plants Are Shutting Down and Some May Never Come Back
Rhode Island: Climate Lawsuit Will Create "Sustainable Funding Stream"
BBC: Renewable Energy Plants Threaten Wilderness Areas
How Exactly Do They Plan to Replace Fossil Fuels?




Friends of Science 17th Annual Event
Patrick Moore: Why I Was Banned from Speaking in Regina
Imagine a World Without Oil
Americans Reluctant to Join the EV Train
Why The Green New Deal Would Destroy The Environment
EU Threatens UK with Carbon Tariffs
Germany's Wind Giants Now Want Taxpayer Subsidies
Offshore Wind Deployment "Too Slow" to Meet EU Climate Target
Best Response Ever to a Fossil-Fuel Divestment Demand
Beware the Eco-Stalinist Witch Hunters




Friends of Science 17th Annual Event
Canadian Institute for Climate Choices
CLINTEL Manifesto Blasts Climate Scaremongering
Who Checks the Fact Checkers?
YouTube Accused of Monetizing and Promoting Climate Science Denial
US House Democrats Want Google to Censor ALL Climate Dissent
Greta vs. Donald at Davos
EU Reveals Climate Fund Details
UN: World Needs to Prepare for Millions of Climate Refugees




US Appeals Court Dismisses Youth Activists' Climate Suit
Time to Silence the Voices of Denial
FT: Democracies Ill-Suited to Deal with Climate Change
The Aussie Bushfires
Ontario Government Cancels Approval for Nearly Completed Wind Farm to Save Endangered Bat Species
Energy Paradox Puts Europe in a Precarious Position
Germany Rejects EU Call for More Money to Fight Climate Change
Greta To Lecture World Leaders at Davos About Ending Fossil Fuels
Mark Carney's Case Against Fossil Fuels
Decades of Public Opinion: Climate Change Is Not on the Radar
Another Expensive Solar Scheme Bites the Dust



ExxonMobil Prevails in New York Climate Lawsuit
Dutch Court Upholds Order to Cut Netherlands Emissions 25% by EOY 2020
Sales of Electric Vehicles Plummet in Ontario
US Congress Turns Down Expanding EV Tax Credits
The EU’s Green Deal
Biden Tells Crowd: Oil Execs Should Be Jailed
Mark Carney to Head a UN Climate Action Project
Climate-alarmist Banks Go Carbon-colonialist
"I don't want to die!"-Climate Exploitation of Children
Why “Green” Energy Is Such a Terrible Idea
Empty Gestures on Climate Change



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