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Providing Insight
Into Climate Change
FoS Extracts - 2020 Table of Contents



US Appeals Court Dismisses Youth Activists' Climate Suit
Time to Silence the Voices of Denial
FT: Democracies Ill-Suited to Deal with Climate Change
The Aussie Bushfires
Ontario Government Cancels Approval for Nearly Completed Wind Farm to Save Endangered Bat Species
Energy Paradox Puts Europe in a Precarious Position
Germany Rejects EU Call for More Money to Fight Climate Change
Greta To Lecture World Leaders at Davos About Ending Fossil Fuels
Mark Carney's Case Against Fossil Fuels
Decades of Public Opinion: Climate Change Is Not on the Radar
Another Expensive Solar Scheme Bites the Dust



ExxonMobil Prevails in New York Climate Lawsuit
Dutch Court Upholds Order to Cut Netherlands Emissions 25% by EOY 2020
Sales of Electric Vehicles Plummet in Ontario
US Congress Turns Down Expanding EV Tax Credits
The EU’s Green Deal
Biden Tells Crowd: Oil Execs Should Be Jailed
Mark Carney to Head a UN Climate Action Project
Climate-alarmist Banks Go Carbon-colonialist
"I don't want to die!"-Climate Exploitation of Children
Why “Green” Energy Is Such a Terrible Idea
Empty Gestures on Climate Change



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