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Into Climate Change
FoS Extracts - 2021 Table of Contents



The Impossible Net Zero Fantasy
Road to EU Climate Neutrality by 2050
Democracy Wakes Up on the Road to Net Zero
COP26 in Trouble as China Nixes US Climate Appeal over Uighur Genocide Claim
John Kerry Flew on Private Jet to Accept Climate Award: 'Only choice for somebody like me'
Biden Press Secretary: We’re Considering Killing All the Pipelines
France Found Guilty of Failing to Meet Paris Agreement Pledge
G20 Countries’ Climate Policies Fail to Make the Grade on Paris Promises
Climate Lockdowns?
Climate "Emergency" Claims Falsified by Real-world Data




Canada is Warming at Only 1/2 the Rate of Climate Model Simulations
US Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Proper Venue for Climate Cases
How Biden’s Return to The Paris Climate Accord Benefits Beijing
Bill Aims to Block US Rejoining Paris Agreement Unless Ratified by the Senate
EU Sees Carbon Border Levy as "Matter of Survival" for Industry
Germany Weighs Electricity Rationing Scheme to Stabilize its Grid
COP 26 in Trouble as UK Government Split over New Coal Mine
Two-thirds of UK Homes Will Be Unsellable by 2028 Unless They Upgrade
Greta Thunberg's Address to the World Economic Forum
SUVs Are Conquering the World as Car Buyers Ignore Climate Message




No Climate Emergency! Dr. Roy W. Spencer LIVE Online January 19, 2021 at 7 pm MST
US Wind-Energy Sector Gets $176 Billion Worth of Crony Capitalism
Will the Green Economy Trigger the Next Crash?
Norway's Supreme Court Tosses Lawsuit Challenging Arctic Offshore Oil Licences
Deutsche Bank: EU Green Deal Can Only Succeed with “a certain degree of eco-dictatorship”
Boris Johnson Bows Down to Joe Biden’s Climate Demands
How Carbon Bureaucrats Lied to Get the Policies They Wanted
Climate Hero Bill Gates Bids to Purchase the World’s Largest Private Jet Operator
How the Race for Renewables is Burning Europe's Forests
In 2021, Let’s Challenge Green Tyranny



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