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FoS Quarterly Newsletters

Newsletters are sent to FOS members each quarter.

Friends of Science Annual Major Events

This pages shows our major annual events. Our next Special Event will be on May 9, 2017 with Robert Lyman & Steve Goreham. The Red & White Club, Calgary at 6 pm.

FoS Extracts

FOS produces a summary of current climate news which is emailed to our members several times per month.

FoS Climate Science Newsletter

FoS Climate Science Newsletter. A summary of current climate science news.

Alberta Wide Rally: Standup for Democracy November 5th, 2016

The Alberta Wide Rally held on November 5th, 2016 in eleven cities across Alberta. Friends of Science participated by providing speakers and signs in four cities. The rally marked the start of gathering signatures on a petition for a referendum on the carbon tax. This page includes links to some of the speeches and pictures of the rally.

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