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Into Climate Change
Fos Extracts - 2014 Table of Contents



UN Climate Chief: Democracy a Poor Political System for Fighting Global Warming
More Arctic Sea Ice in Canada than in the Early 1970s
Ethics, Science and Public Policy
Naomi Klein Calls Skeptics White Supremacists
Will a Return of Rising Temperatures Validate the Climate Models?
Lessons from Germany’s “Energy Transformation”: Unsustainable Subsidies and an Unstable System
Future of UN’s Clean Development Mechanism in Doubt
UN’s Green Climate Fund Seeks Immunity from Prosecution
97 Articles Refuting the “97% Consensus” on Global Warming
Berkshire Energy Fined $2.5 Million for Eagle Deaths at Wyoming Wind Farms




More Publicity for FoS from the Warmists
Fight Looms over $3 billion US Commitment to Green Climate Fund
Marc Morano and Walt Cunningham on UN Climate TV at the Lima Summit
Lima Talks Set Record for Carbon Footprint
Greenpeace Stunt in Peru Drives Home the Global Climate Divide
UN Takes Aim at Canada on Climate Change
Climate Change … Who Cares?
Spinning the “Warmest Year”
Even Climate Change Experts and Activists Are in Denial about Climate Change




Sierra Club Wants FoS Billboards Taken Down
GWPF’s Benny Peiser Testimony to US Senate Committee
Obama Wants Kids to Toe the Line on Global Warming
Overheated Media Reporting
When Emissions Disappear, So Do Jobs
World Health Organization Faulted for Deliberate Exaggeration
The Legacy of Climategate Five Years Later




FoS’ Latest Ad Campaign Getting Noticed in Montreal
FoS Tackles Tax Status of Alberta Wilderness Association
Decision on Landmark Wind Turbine Appeal Expected in January
Ill Winds Blow from Wind Turbines
Obama’s Climate Fiasco Down Under
Germany Lobby’s Sweden to Rescue Coal Mines
Top Google Engineers: Renewable Energy Won’t Work
Is Global Warming Causing More Snowstorms?
Groups and Herds: Implications for the IPCC
The Global Little Ice Age




The US-China Climate Deal
India: Obama’s Pledge to the Green Climate Fund is “Just a peanut”
Climategate Anniversary
Germany Plans to Withdraw from Binding 2020 Targets
Climate Change and the Left
Interview with Will Happer on Climate Change
New Science Scandal: Polar Bear Researchers “Hide the Increase”




Powerful Green Lobby Defeated in US Midterm Elections
World’s Largest Solar Plan Applying for Federal Grant to Pay Off Federal Loan
US Contribution to the Global Climate Fund
Only 8% of American Farmers Believe in Man-made Climate Change
Health Canada Wind Turbine Study Released
IPCC Bias in Action
Eastern European Nations Reject IPCC Target of Zero Emissions by 2100
BBC: Interview with Benny Peiser - Why are there so many climate skeptics?




Political Battle over IPCC’s Synthesis Report
What Goes Up… Ontario’s Soaring Electricity Prices and How to Get Them Down
A New Dark Age: Renewables Threaten Europe’s Energy Security this Winter
Billionaires’ Club Funds Green Blob “ClimateWorks”




EU Agrees on Conditional, Non-binding Climate Deal, Open to Review
UN Climate Talks End in Deadlock
Big Wind (TVO Preview)
John Coleman on Man-made Global Warming
New Paper Refutes Walrus-Climate Scare
Judith Curry: My WSJ op-ed: Global warming statistical meltdown
Root Cause Analysis of the Modern Warming
Green Fascism: Shooting Santa to Save the World
Big Sunspot Jump Harbinger of Coming Cooling?
What Will Happen during a New Maunder Minimum?




International Lawsuits: The Next Battleground?
Poland to Veto EU’s 40% CO2 Reduction Proposal
Indian Government Report: Renewable Energy May Slow Economy, Cost Jobs
BASIC Nations Lay Out Climate Deal Demands
UN Sets Six-month Deadline for Delivery of a Draft Climate Agreement
Robert Kennedy Jr: About Climate Deniers
Keeping the Lights On
A Personal Reflection on Crisis-Driven Science
Why Don’t More People Care about Global Warming?
Two German Scientists Call for Climate Modelling Moratorium
Antarctic Ice at Record High: Scientists Baffled




Happy Anniversary: October 1 Marks 18 Years Without a Global Warming Trend
Six EU States Cast Doubt on Proposed 2030 Climate Goals
African Countries Demand $7 Billion for Green Climate Fund by December
Ross McKitrick: A Response to My Critics
Nature Study: Ditch the 2°C Warming Goal
UK Doctors: Climate Change May Kill More than Ebola
Naomi Klein’s Revolutionary Dreamland
Scientists to “Fast Track” Extreme Weather Events
The Scientific Method in 61 Seconds




Obama Delays Climate Plan, Casting Shadow over UN Climate Summit
What Cuts? Emissions from India Will Increase, Environment Minister Says
Debate Continues over Wind Energy
Emails Reveal Collusion with Green Activist Groups over EPA’s Climate Agenda
US Governor Blasts Obama Energy Team as “Science Deniers”
Scientists Turn to Pope Francis and World’s Religions to Save the Planet
Obama’s Former Science Official: Climate Science Is Not Settled
Google: The Bird-killing, Green Rent Seekers
The Mann with No Friends




Whatever Happened to Global Warming?
The UN’s Propaganda Campaign
Fake EU Climate “Aid” to the Third World
Green Lobby Accuses New EU Leader of “Shutting Down Environmental Policymaking”
Germany’s Offshore Wind Park Morphs into an Engineering and Cost Nightmare
Is Germany’s Green Zeal Turning Brown?
Under Pressure, Australian Met Office Confirms Data Manipulation
How Global Warming Policies Have Led to Global Insecurity
Antarctic Ice Sets New Record for August and September




Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty
Germany’s Flagship Green Energy Policy “In Tatters”
UN Warns: Most Nations Have Failed to Ratify Kyoto Protocol Extension
New Mr. Europe: A Game Changer for Europe’s Climate & Energy Agenda
Montreal  Gazette Prints Opinion Piece by FoS President
Myth of Arctic Meltdown: Satellite Images Show Ice Cap Thicker and Growing Back
Australia’s Green Lobby Fears End is Nigh
How Long Is the Pause?
Big Wind’s Latest Deceitful Ad Campaign




Germany’s Green Energy Policy Beginning to Strangle Economy
Prospects of Negative Governmental Action in Ontario’s Energy Sector
India Deal Blow to Climate Negotiations
Why an Effective Climate Agreement Is Not Likely
Spanish Solar Revolution
Australian Met Office Accused of Manipulating Temperature Records
China’s Carbon Market Plans: Secrecy and Oversupply Darken Outlook
The UK Floods: Population Growth, Not Global Warming
Hundred Year Period of Solar Activity Coming to an End
“Alarming” Rate of Bird Deaths as New Solar Plants Scorch Them in Mid-Air
Updated List of Excuses for the Global Warming “Pause”




Achtung, Ontario! Renewables Are a Money Pit
US Anti-coal Dominoes Hit BRICS Wall, Other Skeptics
Awash in Coal, the US Imports Even More
European Manufacturers: EU Must Shield Industry from Future CO2 Costs
Why the Global Climate Treaty is Doomed
The Ignorance of Climate Alarmism
Report: US Green Groups Are Too White and Too Male
Tim Ball: CO2 Data Might Fit IPCC Hypothesis, But It Doesn’t Fit Reality
National Review Gives Michael Mann the Stick
Wind Farm Needs 700 Times the Land as a Fracking Site to Produce the Same Energy
Why “Deniers” Are Always Wrong-The Models Can’t Be Falsified
A Few PR Giants Won’t Help “Deniers of Climate Change”
Recent Paper Finds 1950-2009 Solar Grand Maximum a “rare or even unique event” in 3,000 Years




Greenpeace in Disarray as Staff Revolt
Obama Administration’s (and Germany’s) Hypocrisy Gets to Greenpeace
German Utilities Bail Out the Grid
EPA’s Gina McCarthy: CO2 Reduction Is Not About Pollution-It’s an Investment Opportunity
US Senate Report Details Environmentalists’ Inner Workings
The Economist: Wind and Solar Energy Are More Expensive than Thought
Bjørn Lomborg’s Senate Testimony
The Law of Unintended Consequences: Study Says 23% of Warming in Europe Since 1980 Due to Clean Air Laws
India: Don’t Force Developing Nations to Review their Voluntary Emissions Cuts
Who’s Really Waging the “War on Science”?




US Supreme Court to Obama: You cannot rewrite laws to achieve your political agenda
Australia First Developed Nation to Repeal Carbon Tax
Sacked UK Environment Minister: I’m proud of standing up to the green lobby
Heartland Conference Shows the Growing Power of Climate Realism
Roy Spencer’s Keynote Speech at ICCC9
Wind Turbines Generate Troubles for Ontario Airport
Quiet Sun Baffles Scientists




Money to Burn: Canada’s Biofuels Blunder
How Green Activists Were Allowed to Draft Obama’s White House Energy Policy
The KGB's Successors And The “Greening” Of Europe
Paris Climate Pact Hinges on Successful $100 Billion Green Climate Fund
UN Climate Proposal Paves Way for Rich-Poor Discord
Obama’s Plea to India, China to Forego Use of Coal Falls on Deaf Ears
The BBC Has Lost Its Balance over Climate Change
Green Madness: Britain To Subsidize Coal And Gas Power Plants To Keep The Lights On
US Fracking Has “Cut Carbon More than the Whole World’s Wind and Solar




Greenpeace: Chaos, Incompetence and Hypocrisy
Washington Post: Verifying the Global Warming Pause
How a Coal Baron Fooled Al Gore and the Greens
New Report: Alarm over Climate Turns People Off
Swapping Climate Models for a Roll of the Dice




Greenpeace Boosts Friends of Science Profile
India Goes After Greenpeace
How Climate Change Policies Are Hurting the World’s Poor
Wrong Again: UK Climate Scientist Debunk’s Obama’s Science Advisor on Climate Change
Greens Lose Another Battle as Europe Removes Oil Sands Hurdle
What Obama Could Learn from Germany’s Green Energy Experiment
Canadian and Australian PMs Declare They Won’t Let Climate Policies Kill Jobs
Ross McKitrick on Obama’s Carbon Crackdown and the Global Warming Hiatus
Richard Lindzen and Donna Laframboise Present at EIKE in Germany
Opinion: Global Warming Claims Are Primarily and Deliberately a Product of Bureaucratic Political Activity
The Claim of a 97% Consensus on Global Warming Does Not Stand Up




Pause in Global Warming Upsets Religious Believers
Obama’s Climate Plan
Greenpeace’s “Climate Crimes” Shakedown
Who Will Rid Us of this Totalitarian Prince?
Scientists Say IPCC Puts Politics Before Science, Needs Reform
Reflections on Bengtsson and the GWPF
IPCC Refutes CBS, NBC and BBC Alarmism on Antarctic Sea Level Rise
I’ll See Your 97% and Raise You 3%
Is “Global Warming” About to Make a Comeback?
The Pause Continues: Still No Global Warming for 17 Years and 9 Months




US National Climate Assessment: More Doom and Gloom
Sacrificing Africa for Climate Change
UN Climate Veteran Confident 2015 Summit Won’t Echo Copenhagen
Lennart Bengtsson: He Knows How Little We Know
Warren Buffet: Wind Farms Are Useless; I Only Invest for Tax Credit
The UN’s Sneak Attack on Your Pension
Will Solar Doldrums Lead to Global Cooling?




Friends of Science/Frontier Centre of Public Policy 11th Annual Luncheon-May 13, 2014 in Calgary
Coal: The Fuel of the Future, Unfortunately
UN Agency Spending Millions on Staff as Projects Dry Up
Poland Sets Out Conditions for EU 2030 Climate Policy Deal
Should California Dictate US Climate Policies?
Nigel Lawson: Cool It
Why Life in the 21st Century Will be Nasty, Brutish and Short
The Climate Inquisitor
IPCC’s Third Assessment Report and the Hockey Stick
Der Spiegel on Antarctic Sea Ice




Kids “Brainwashed” over Climate Change
The Deadliest Environmental Threat (It’s Not Global Warming)
Spectacularly Wrong Earth Day Predictions
IPCC Lead Author: AR5 Report Was Watered Down by Government Officials
US Power Grid at Limit: The Road to Electrical Blackouts
Svensmark’s Cosmic Theory and Cloud Cover Depictions in Little Ice Age Art
Judith Curry Levels Both Barrels against Alarmist Climate Science




Reaction to the Latest IPCC Report
North America Slow to Reverse Renewables, but Its Turn Will Come Soon
EU “Unhappy” that Climate Change is Off G20 Agenda
Ban Ki-Moon: EU Must Agree to a Climate Package in June
Going Green: A Luxury Good for the Rich at the Expense of the Poor




Soaring Energy Prices Making Ontario Look Dim for Manufacturers
European Governments Rip Up Renewable Contracts
Maine Superior Court Rules Against State Agency in Wind Turbine Case
Why Aren’t Americans More Worried about Climate Change?
Bonfire of Insanity
IPCC’s WG2 Meets to Draft SPM
Time to Rein in the Climate Change Carbon Baggers
Finally, Some Real Climate Science
Warming Interruptus: Causes for the Pause
Cloudy Forecast




Europe’s Green Suicide: Chemicals Industry Could Be Wiped Out in a Decade
Setback as EU Leaders Postpone 2030 Climate & Energy Targets
Will the US Supreme Court Permit EPA Climate Declarations to Stand?
Americans List Climate Change as One of their Lowest Priorities
Video Interview of Patrick Moore
Documentary: How the Global Warming Scare Began
Where’s the Science at the IPCC?
The Economist on Climate Sense and Sensitivity
Report: Climate Less Sensitive to CO2 than Models Suggest
Causes and Implications of the Pause
Top 10 Reasons for the Pause




German Government Advisers Call for Abolition of Renewables Subsidies
Behind the Scenes in the Legal Battle with the EPA over the “Social Cost of Carbon”
John Kerry’s Remarks on Climate Change
UK Windfarm Plans in Tatters after Government Cuts Green Subsidies
Testimony of a Greenpeace Dropout to US Senate on Climate Change
Court Favours Wind Turbines over Blanding's Turtle
John Holdren’s Epic Fail
Michael Mann’s Legal Proceedings
Time to Push Back against the Global Warming Nazis




Obama Hopes Paris Is No Copenhagen
US Launches “Climate Hubs” to Help Farmers
US December/January Temperatures 3rd Coldest in 30 Years
Europe’s New Climate Targets: The Myth and the Reality
Fighting the Wrong Battle: Public Persuaded about CO2 as Pollutant-Not as Cause of Global Warming
If 99 Doctors Said…
Debunking the 97% “Consensus” on Global Warming
IMF Chief Warns of “Merciless” Climate Change
The IPCC Official and the Loaded Gun
Monckton’s Challenge to Prince Charles
Ontario Joins WWF for National Sweater Day
Donna Laframboise’s Video Interview
95% of Climate Models Agree: The Observations Must Be Wrong
How Much Weather Is Being Caused by Climate Change: 1 Part in 1,000




Obama’s State of the Union on Climate
Industries Unite against Obama’s Climate Change Rules
EPA’s Ban on Wood Stoves Is Freezing Out Rural America
UK Parliamentary Hearing on the IPCC
Turbines vs Turtles Case Goes to Court
Gone With the Wind: Weak Returns Cripple German Renewables
Europe’s Green Frankenstein Monster
At Davos, Nestlé Chairman Warns against Playing God over Climate Change
Prince Charles Hits Out at “Headless Chickens” Climate Change Deniers
DeSmogBlog: Doubt on Climate Change Climbing
Morano vs Bill Nye Debate




Germany’s Energy Revolution on Verge of Collapse
EU: Re-industrialization More Important than Climate Change
World Economic Forum Gets Hijacked by Climate Alarmism
Wind Turbines Allowing Eagle Deaths Face Blowback
Electric Vehicles Would Have Little Effect on US Emissions
NextEra Continuing Lawsuit against Esther Wrightman
Australian Government to Seek Cost Recovery from “Ship of Fools”
Procrastinating about the Pause
NASA and NOAA Confirm Global Temperature Standstill Continues
Scientists Baffled as Sun’s Activity Falls to Century Low
Judith Curry Responds to Michael Mann




Industrial Wind Turbines and Adverse Health Effects
EU Commission Retreats on Climate Policy
Mother Nature Suggests that the Party’s Over for the IPCC
BBC Outed
Green NGOs Break with Obama over US Energy & Climate Policy
US Senate Hearing on President’s Climate Action Plan
Bob Tisdale’s Letter to Jon Stewart (The Daily Show)




Questions about the “Ship of Fools”
Soak the Poor: Maryland’s Greens Following in Germany’s Footsteps
Climate Skepticism in the Australian
The Cleantech Crash
Blame Game
Questions Policymakers Should be Asking Climate Scientists Who Receive Government Funding
IPCC Quietly Slashes Its Global Warming Projections in AR5 Final Draft
71 New Papers Reported in 2013 Demonstrating that the Sun Controls Climate, not Man-made CO2




Research Ship Studying Climate Change Trapped in Near-Record Summer Ice
Ontario’s Green Energy Laboratory
Climate Alarmism Alive and Well
The Tesla Battery Swap: Hoax of the Year
To Help with Energy Crisis, British Plan Will Pay People to Be “Ready to Do Nothing”
Denmark: Wind Turbine Syndrome
Renewables Fiasco in Germany: Doldrums and Clouds Bring Green Energy Production to a Halt
UN Calls Summit on Global Warming
Setback for Michael Mann’s Lawsuit against Mark Steyn and Competitive Enterprise Institute
Many Climate Reconstructions Incorrectly Attributed to Temperature Change
Climate as a Heat Engine

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