FoS Comments on the "Stern Review"


FRIENDS OF SCIENCE has been asked by various members of the media, as well as our own supporters to comment on the "Stern Review". This is the 700 page review, commissioned by the government, that examines the economics of CO2 abatement and that is obviously designed to find justification for that government 's intentions to "fight global warming" and "stop climate change", mainly by means of taxes and other disincentives to the use of fossil based fuels.  

Economist and ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer Sir Nicholas Stern begins his report with a review of Climate Science. While he acknowledges some measure of uncertainty in the science of climate change, he faithfully follows the IPCC conclusions without paying attention to the many arguments that disprove those conclusions. Consequently, Anthropogenic Global Warming rules the report and cutting CO2 is the only road to ward off disaster. Scary scenarios, which read as taken from Al Gore 's movie, are sprinkled throughout the report, based on the hype emanating from the unproven computer simulations of the IPCC. With basic assumptions of Climate Science so deficient, outdated and wrong-headed, Friends of Science do not find it worthwhile to comment on the Review. To us the work is largely irrelevant.For those interested in other people's comments we are providing some recent critiques, beginning with BusinessOnLine which reports on the questionable value of Stern's economic projections by quoting the draft 2007 IPCC report, finding numerous errors, exaggerations and misstatements.

Comments by climate scientists can be found by clicking here for the views of Steven Milloy ( and here for those of Professor Fred Singer (

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