The Censors - Denying Global Warming Debate


Friends of Science is concerned about the serious and growing problem of censorship of debate on global warming. The deniers of debate include some of the leading scientific journals who refuse to publish papers which challenge the fashionable wisdom about global warming. Real science is based on the precept that constructive, intelligent debate is not only welcome, but essential to progress. Unfortunately, climate-change science is in danger of losing its status as real science. Instead, it is increasingly used as a convenient tool by governments and special-interest groups, more interested in pushing their own political agenda than in promoting policies that actually protect the environment. Usually lacking in climate-science knowledge, and disinterested in exerting the effort to acquire any, they merely stoop to the lower level of name calling by referring to others as "deniers".   This is obviously a worldwide problem. See HUMAN-CAUSED GLOBAL WARMING; McCarthyism, intimidation, press bias, censorship, policy-advice corruption and propaganda, by Robert M. Carter



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