We often get asked about our Wikipedia page.  We also get "Why would you post all those toxic non-truths about the organization?" or "You want our support when you are clearly a petroleum industry funded organization?" or "Fix the disinformation on the Wikipedia page immediately".

PROBLEM is the FoSS does not own and we cannot edit it.  Anyone is able to edit Wiki pages as it is open source, you say?  Well we have tried on several occasions and within minutes our edits are changed back.

Wikipedia presents itself as an online free-content encyclopedia  …  based on a model of freely editable content.  …  Anyone is allowed to add or edit words, references, images, and other media  ...  What is contributed is more important than who contributes it.  …  many experienced editors are watching to ensure that edits are improvements.

Sounds excellent in theory, in practice we have “experienced editors” that oversee that no one messes with the disinformation they have locked in for particular topics.  It is clear that FoSS’s positions on climate change counter Wikipedia’s perception of reality.  This then results in a basic conspiracy to slander anyone that disagrees with the Wikipedia overseers.

Wikipedia has powerful tools to track all edits as you can see on the Friends of Science: Revision history page.  This page is a bit cryptic but it is easy to see that all edits are tracked and a quick scan shows all the ones that were “reverted” or “undid”.

Over the years many valiant attempts have been made to shape this page closer to the truth.  But the truth has been cancelled every time.  The following are examples with proposed edits on the left and the overseer’s decision to cancel the truth on the right:

2020: Clarified and removed derogatory terminology
2019: Countering the written bias as to the motives of this organization
2019: only fair that you allow this disclaimer
2019: Correcting false statements
2010: removed claim that is not backed by source given

The Wikipedia Illusion is a 2018 American Thinker article which supports our findings on an interestingly different topic but one that we are sure you will find fascinating.

So now you know why our Wikipedia page is drivel.

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