Fos Extracts - 2018 Table of Contents



Best Places in Canada to Install Solar Panels
Ontario Scales Back Climate-change Goals
Using the Courts to Fight  Climate Change
Margaret Wente: Canada, Climate Hypocrite
Divisive Carbon Prices
Why People Hate Energy Taxes (and Why Politicians Prefer Trading Schemes)
Why the Climate-change Problem Is Starting to Look Too Big to Solve
The Road from Paris: China 's Climate U-Turn
The Social Benefit of Carbon




Climate Change: What 's In a Name?
Quebec Group Sues Federal Government over Climate Change
Climate Change Alarmists Harm Canada 's Economy
UN 's 2018 Emissions Gap Report
Jet-Setting UN Environment Chief Resigns
Power-hungry Asia Drives Coal Demand
Anti Carbon-Tax Revolt Threatens to Paralyze France
Irish Facing 15-fold Increase in CO2 Tax
Dutch State Will Appeal Climate-change Verdict




The US Midterms: Climate Initiatives Lose
Too Many Polar Bears 
Bolsonaro In, Merkel Out: The Paris Climate Gang Is Breaking Up
Only 17 Countries Are Aiming To Reach Their Paris Targets
Moving the Goalposts: IPCC Secretly Redefines Climate 
Jordan Peterson: The World Won 't Unite to Solve Climate Change
Biggest Renewable Power Source Is an Environmental Disaster
The Rotors of Sickness
100% Renewables-Poor Policy for Ratepayers
How Wind-turbine Plantations Are Ruining Germany 's Natural Heritage
Cold Weather Kills; Moderate Warming May Save Millions




Trudeau 's Carbon Tax
Carbon Tax Lovers Celebrate a Trade Warmonger
The Climate-Change Panel that Cried Wolf Too Often
The IPCC 's Cynical Ploy
IPCC Redefining Global Warming  at 11th Hour
Richard Lindzen: Warming of Any Significance Ceased 20 Years Ago 
Law Enforcement for Rent
How Bloomberg Embeds Green Warriors in Blue-State Governments
Dutch Court Upholds Climate Change Ruling
US Supreme Court Orders Pause in Landmark Climate Case



IPCC Releases Report on Impacts of 1.5 °C of Warming
It 's All Over: Ontario Government Moves to Scrap Green Energy Act
Trudeau Stands Alone as the World Abandons Green  Energy
Trudeau Still Wants to Talk Climate Change and Trade with US
Renewable Economy Stimulates Green Entrepreneurs to Fly More
The Myth that Carbon Taxes Will Make Families Richer 
EU Business Lobby to Champion Climate Status Quo
First Ever Audit of Hadley Temperature Data
The Downside to Wind Power




Hurricane Florence: The Blame Begins
Auto Industry Pushes Back Against Tougher EU Emissions Targets
California Passes 100% Renewable Bill To Fight Climate Change
Europe 's Renewable Energy Strategy: Destroy Forests and Emit More CO2
Big Green Inc.: The US Foundations Funding Green Activists
Industrial Wind Energy Deceptions
Unaffordable Green Energy: Charity Begs for More Volunteer Knitters, to Help Poor People Survive Winter




Canada 'a Climate Plan In Free-fall
Climate Change Off The Agenda For New Australian Government
Trump Issues Rollback Of Obama 's Biggest Climate Rule
Merkel Rejects EU Proposal For More Emissions Cuts
UN-Appointed Climate Science Team Demands End To Capitalism
Wildfires: Not The New Normal, But The Old One
The Real Story Behind The Starving Polar-Bear Video
Sierra Club: Democrats Are Losing Interest In Climate Change
Electric Cars: Will Any Auto Company Make Money?




Trudeau 's Carbon Tax Climbdown 
The new Ontario government wasted no time gloating about what they've dubbed a "climbdown" from Mr. Trudeau on carbon pricing.
Catherine McKenna Claims That Sewage Leaks Will Increase Due To Climate Change
What Went Wrong with Carbon Taxes?
New Doomsday Paper Forecasts Hothouse Earth 
Green Climate Fund Facing Massive Challenges 
Washington Judge Throws Out Children 's Climate Change Lawsuit
German Wind Industry Could Implode 
Elon Musk Ends War On Big Oil To Court Saudi Billions
YouTube to Scribble Green Propaganda over Climate Skeptic Videos
How Do You Tell If The Earth 's System Is Warming ?
Refreshing Candour from an Aussie Minister




Carbon Tax May Bring Down Justin Trudeau
Goldman Sachs: Global Solar Power Installations Will Crash 24% in 2018
Gallup Poll: No One Believes Climate Change is America 's Biggest Problem
EU Relaxes Climate Stance in Trade Sop to Trump
Climate Alarmists Burned By Studies Showing Destructive Wildfires In Decline
Michael Mann: Extreme Global Weather Is the face of climate change 
Oh Dear: Climate News Is A Ratings Killer ', US Journalist Confirms
New York Times Thinks We have lost the Earth 
National Geographic Admits Error About Notorious Starving Polar Bear
Why Weather-Dependent Electricity Fails Civilization




Canadian Voters Rebelling Against Carbon Taxes
It 's Roll-back Time-Ontario Scraps $2 Billion Carbon Tax and Axes Green Subsidies
German Company Seeks Damages after Ontario Cancels Wind Project
Ottawa 's Subsidies Aren 't Enough
The Hypocrisy of Faith-based Environmentalism-Its Preachers Have Failed to Deliver
Green Climate Fund Chief Quits After 'Disappointing' Meeting
Scott Pruitt Leaves EPA after Scandals
Climate Lawfare Suffers Another Defeat
Green Campaigners Fight Tesla 's Solar Farm in UK
Whatever Happened to Agenda 21?
Save the Oceans-Stop Recycling Plastic
What Scientific Consensus?




Your Carbon Bill Has Finally Arrived
US Judge Tosses Out Climate Change Lawsuits Against Big Oil
US House Votes Down Social Cost of Carbon (SCC)
Not a Single EU State Is Meeting Its Climate Targets
EU Slashes Renewable Funding Ahead of Brexit
Germany Pours Cold Water on EU 's Clean Energy Ambitions
UK Tidal Lagoon Plan Scrapped by Government
Thirty Years On, How Well Do Global Warming Predictions Hold Up?
A Look Inside the ClimateWorks Foundation



Canadian PM Compares Climate Denial  to Supporting Female Genital Mutilation
Eastern States Promote Offshore Wind Systems, but Offshore Systems Are Expensive and High Risk
Why Proposed Wind and Solar Power Projects Should Be Rejected Nationwide
Germany 's Economics Minister: Green Energy is Efficient  Only If Everyone Else is Inefficient
Developing Nations Can 't Afford to Go Cold Turkey on Coal
Elon Musk 's Big Oil Conspiracy Theory
Climate Change Has Run Its Course
Shell Shareholders Reject Emissions Target Proposal




How to End Ontario 's Suffering from Expensive Electricity-Instantly
Even Environmentalists Pan Trudeau 's Ethanol Plan
BC Government Drops Greenhouse Gas Target in New 2030 Goal
UN Attempting to Create a Legally Binding Climate Change Pact
Green Energy Insanity
California 's Rooftop Solar Mandate
Windfarms: Managing the Death Spiral
New Report: Green Policies Threaten Poor Nations
Don 't Tell Anyone, But We 've Just Had Two Years of Global Cooling
Google 's Massive Carbon Footprint




Friends of Science May Event
What Global Warming? How About Global Cooling
Government 's Electricity Plans Will Shock Albertans
Alberta 's Copying Ontario 's Disastrous Electricity Policy-What Could Go Wrong?
What Canada Can Learn from Germany: The Truth about Cheap  Solar and Wind Power
The Political Activities of Canadian Charities
Why is a Green  Car Company Pivoting Back to SUVs?
EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Moves to End Reliance on Secret Science '
Four Questions on Climate Change



Voters Don 't Like Climate Crusading
Canadian Auditors-General Report on Adapting to Climate Change
Will a Federal Carbon Tax Survive the Supreme Court?
Rolling Back Fuel Economy Standards Could Mean Bigger Cars
Polar Bears and the New York Times
HuffPost Notices Academic Climate Hypocrisy
Court Case to Force Shell to Reinvest  More in Renewables
A New Coal War Emerges in SE Asia
India Slashes Plans for New Nuclear Reactors by Two-thirds
Battery Wastage




Dr. Katharine Hayhoe Tries to Scare Canadians with Threats of Warmer Temperatures
The Coming Carbon Tax Showdown
A Billion-dollar Plan No One Should Follow
Canadian Government: Consider the gendered impacts of climate change 
US Federal Court Holds First-ever Hearing on Climate-change Science
Growing German Opposition to Wind Farms
Global Warming: Real or Groupthink?
MIT Report: It Will Take up to 400 Years to Transform to Clean  Energy



Tim Ball 's Free-Speech Victory over Andrew Weaver
Polar Bear Battle in Toronto: Good Science vs Climate Do-gooders
Chevron and Exxon Fight Back against Climate Suits
NYU Law Professor: Cross-examination is going to be brutal 
Electricity Prices Fell for 40 Years in Australia, then Renewables Came
George Soros Makes $160 Million Investments in Oil, Gas & Coal Companies
Environmentalists Push Global Wealth Distribution
Sinking  Pacific Nation Is Getting Bigger
Warnings of an Unusually Inactive Sun: Will We Face a Little Ice Age?




Cyclists Are Collateral Damage in the Climate Change Wars
The US State of the Union: Both Parties Omit Climate Change
Germany to Pay for Renewables and Missing EU Emissions Targets
IPCC Communications Handbook
Exxon Concludes that Climate Policies Will Have Little Impact on It
Scott Pruitt: Global Warming Has Been Good for Humanity
Global Investment in Renewable Energy Has Stalled
The Inconvenient Truth about EVs in Cold Weather
William Happer: Climate Models Don 't Work 
Peter Ridd Hits Back




Alberta Government Cool to FoS Speaker at Agricultural Conference
Alberta Won 't Hit Emissions Target
Pentagon: Global Warming No Longer a National Security Threat
Fossil-fuel Divestment Crusade Hurts Poor and Middle Class Most
Study: Europe 's Green Energy Burning Killing 40,000 People/Year
The Hockey Stick Goes to Court
Four Other Climate Change Lawsuits to Watch in 2018
US Federal Court Punishes Enviros for Using Ridiculous Legal Theory to Ban Fracking
Why Is Liberal California the Poverty Capital of America?




Eco-Colonialism : Rift Grows Between Indigenous Leaders and Green Activists
Carbon Bounty (not taxes) Could Save Us from the Next Little Ice Age
Too Frigid for Global Warming? This is Why They Rebranded it Climate Change 
Exxon Launches Counterattack against California-based Conspiracy  Lawsuits
It 's All Over: German Parties Agree to Scrap 2020 Climate Target
Germany Sends Electricity to Neighbours-And Pays for It
Germany 's Energiewende
Al Gore: Bitter Cold  is What We Should Expect from the Climate Crisis 
The Population Bombers Keep On Bombing
Death of a Climate Icon
Five Questions from Students about Climate Change


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