Fos Extracts - 2019 Table of Contents



Canadian Carbon Tax Must Hit $210/tonne by 2030
The G20 Brown to Green Report
Left Wing Thugs Fail to Force Cancellation of Climate Skeptic Conference
German Wind Industry Faces Extinction as Thousands of Jobs Lost
Just in Time for COP25: UN Issues Two Alarmist Reports
Italian Schools: 33 Mandatory Hours/Year of Climate Hysteria
Communicating Better to the Public: Use Children for Propaganda
NZ Offer of $10,000 Prize for Evidence of AGW
Ross McKitrick Interview




COP25 Venue Moves from Chile to Spain
Sale of Indulgences to Dominate Madrid Climate Summit
Ditching the Polar Bear Icon
Climate Crisis: 11,000 Scientists Warn of Untold Suffering 
Global CO2 Emissions Rising Again and Won 't Peak Before 2040
Trump Formally Pulls Out of the Paris Agreement
Texas Town Went 100% Renewable and Prices Jumped 22%
African Leaders Say Need for Oil Money Outweighs Climate Concerns
British Academics Demand Career Breaks to Save the Planet from Climate Change 
The Church of Extinction
Climategate 10 Years After
Michael Mann: Climate Deniers Are Exploiting the Lifestyle Change Movement




Youth Lawsuit Against Canadian Government
The Excommunication of Susan Crockford
Quebec 's Carbon Market Threatened by Trump Administration Lawsuit
Extinction Rebellion: All I see is white faces 
Extinction Rebellion Climate Celebrities Admit their Hypocrisy-But Blame Everyone Else
Chile Explodes: Expensive Climate Policies Spark Mass Riots
Loophole on Counting Emissions Threatens Paris Climate Agreement
27 Nations Pledge $9.8 Billion to Green Climate Fund
Russian Business Push-back Against Climate-change Plan
Climate Scientists Go After Binge Watching
Interview with Matt Ridley




McKenna Pledges Net Zero  Emissions by 2050
Declaration to the UN: There Is No Climate Emergency
EU Struggling with Long-term Climate Objectives
Green Dreams Splutter: Europe 's East-West Divide
Submit Your Confession to NBC News
Global Decarbonization Efforts Stall 
Net-Zero CO2 Emissions by 2050 Requires a New Nuclear Plant Every Day
Leaders Rebuke Greta Thunberg after She Sues France and Germany
The Electrical Industry 's Dirty Secret 




Tim Ball Beats Michael Mann 's Lawsuit
$2 Million Prize to Tzeporah Berman
The Physical Impossibility of Renewable Energy Meeting the Paris Accord Goals
How to Lose the Climate-change War: Tell Britons They Can No Longer Own a Car
New International Survey on Attitudes to Climate Change
Climate Hysteria: Rising Number of Children Treated for Eco-Anxiety 
The Apocalyptic Rhetoric over the Amazon Fires
Europeans Must Face Their Own Role in the Amazon Destruction
WMO Secretary-General Warns against Climate Doomsters and Extremists 




How Canada Will Benefit from Climate Change
Is the Left Beginning to Abandon Renewable Energy?
UN Chief s Climate Asks Fall Flat on BRICS Countries
Greta 's Plastic Boat Trip Will Require Transatlantic Flights
Post-Modern Witch Hunt: Nature Publishes Blacklist Of Critical Scientists & Writers
Why Ireland is Nowhere Near  Meeting Its Climate-change Goals
EU Wood Burning Under Fire
An Expensive Taste of the Zero-Carbon Future




Inside Quebec 's Green Climate Fund
We Should Prepare for Extreme Weather, but Tying It to Climate Change is a Mistake
Climate Change Head Scratchers
Cost of the Green New Deal: $70k per Household in the First Year
Pacific Islands Criticize Australia 's Climate Accounting Dodge
Communicating Better to the Public: More Propaganda
Greta Thunberg to Sail to New York Climate Summit in Racing Yacht
114 Private Jets Flying to Google Summer Camp
The Real Data on Energy Usage
Marcel Crok 's Climate Adventures
If You Want Renewable Energy, Get Ready to Dig




Cities Facing Climate Change: To Sue or Not to Sue?
EU Destroys 700,000 Hectares of Rainforest for Biofuels
Leaked IPCC Report Warns of Clash between Bioenergy and Food
Growing Frustration over the UN 's Consensus Model
Bidding for the Top EU Job
No Greta Effect  as Lufthansa Reports Rise in Passengers
Are Electric Cars Really Green?
Educating Kids to Debate Climate Change
CEI Files Complaint against NASA 's Claim of 97% Scientific Consensus
Hundreds of Extinction UK Rebellion Activists to Face Court




Is There an Existential Crisis  and Climate Emergency ?
Ross McKitrick: Extreme Weather Rhetoric and the Climate Mob
Theresa May Introduces Net Zero  Emissions Target for UK
EU Fails to Set 2050 Emissions Target
Why Ireland is Nowhere Near  Meeting Its Climate Goals
Climate Activists Protest against the New York Times
On the Promise of Green Jobs 
Patrick Moore: Global Warming, a Fear Campaign  by Scientists Hooked on Government Grants
The Futility of Western Decarbonization
New Study Shows Climate Models Not Even Close To Be Useful For Policymaking




In Canada It 's Now a Climate Emergency 
Analyzing the Future: The Tug of War between Politics and Economics
No, Alberta Didn 't Scrap Its Carbon Tax
Forget Paris: EU Member States Plan to Stick with Coal beyond 2030
Court Allows PG&E to Renegotiate $34 Billion in Renewable Contracts
Environmentalism: About Achieving World Government
Judith Curry on Climate Scientists ' Apocalyptic Predictions 
Study: 100% Renewables Doesn 't Equal Zero-CO2 Energy
World 's Largest Companies See $1 Trillion Hit in Climate Hysteria




Ottawa Will Make Alberta Pay a Higher CO2 Tax than Quebec
Trump Administration Might Re-Examine  Climate Modelling
Germany Set to Miss Climate Goals by a Wide Margin
Australia 's Vote: No Climate for Change
EU Split on Climate Change Measures
EU Court Throws Out Climate Lawsuit
It 's Cheaper to Talk than Cut Emissions
The Cliff-Falling Walruses: The Making of a Video Icon
WWF Support for Sterilization Programs and Shoot on sight  Uncovered
A Million Species Facing Extinction?




Canada 's Extra Carbon Taxes
Don 't Blame Population Growth for Pollution Problems
Skeptical Scientist Hijacks US Congressional Hearing
Britain Asked to End Contribution to Global Warming 
Germany 's Dirty Green Cars
German Power Prices to Keep Skyrocketing in 2019
How Radical Green Propaganda Relies On Tragedy Porn
The Cult of Greta Thunberg and the Extinction Rebellion
Rebranding Climate Change




Fraud: Trudeau Uses Photo of Wind Turbine-caused Fire to Support His Carbon Tax
Canada 's Carbon Tax Will Kill People
CO2 Removal Worries Climate Campaigners
US Senate Votes Down Green New Deal: 57-0
After 25 Years of Failure, We Should Abandon the UNFCCC
UNFCCC Seeks 26% Budget Increase
US Judge Tosses Kids ' Lawsuit against Trump Climate Policies
Europe 's Climate Policy: A Disaster in the Making
New Study: Poverty and Lower Incomes Linked to Renewables
IEA Asked to Stop Normalizing Dangerous Climate Change



Last Chance for Tickets to Friends of Science Event
How Foreign-backed Anti-oil Activists Infiltrated Canada 's Government
Congestion Forecast for COP25 in Santiago
IEA: CO2 Emissions Hit a Record High
Report: Green Energy Economy is Simply Impossible 
Overheating about Global Warming
Youth Climate Strikes: Motivation or Manipulation?
Germany Kills Ambitious EU Climate Plan
Green Killers: Congo 's Miners Dying To Feed World 's Hunger For Electric Cars
Roy Spencer: The Science of Climate Change Is Anything but Settled
Google Vanishes  Patrick Moore from Greenpeace 's History




Climate Horrorscope-Modern Day Forms of Medieval Prognostation
Collateral Damage in the WWF 's Secret War
Maine Becomes Most Recent State to Reject a Carbon Tax
Half of Europe No Longer Wants Wind Energy
Trillion-euro EU Climate Finance Pact
Senator Feinstein Upsets the Climate Lobby
California 's San Bernardino County Stops Big Solar Projects
Green Lawyers Target Toilet Paper
Climate Science 's Myth Buster




Hothouse Earth? Advertorials  in Science
Carbon Credits Could Cost Canadian Taxpayers Billions
IBC Exaggerated Insurance Climate Risks 
Decline in GDP-Adjusted Global Catastrophic Losses over the Past 25 Years
Media Climate Hype
Clean Energy Leader  PG&E Files for Bankruptcy
Carbon Disclosure Project and PG&E
Good News: The UN 's Global Green Law is Going Nowhere for Now
End of the Road  for UK Citizens ' Climate Case
Global Warming Myth Debunked




Dark Green Money Reveals Vast Self-Dealing Network in Canada 's Climate Change Leadership 
Exposing the Money behind the US-based Campaign to Kill the Alberta Oilsands
Blaming Canada 's Sky-high Emissions on Alberta
Carbon Taxation Needs a Buy-in
Rex Murphy: Spare Us the Mantras about the Environment and the Economy
Green No More: Germany Delays Coal Exit
More and Bigger Private Jets Land at Davos as Elites Discuss Climate Change
IEA: Electric Cars Will Not Stop Rising Oil Demand
China 's Coal Output Highest in Three Years
US Conservatives Push for More Permanent Exit from Paris Agreement
Climate Change Concern is Surging-But Nobody Wants to Pay More Taxes
97% of Scientists Agree on: Nothing




StatCan Exposes How Worthless Green  Industries Are
Poll: Trudeau 's Carbon Tax Won 't Motivate Canadians to Switch to More Fuel-efficient Transportation
US Court Rules Against Young Climate Activists
US Democrats ' Green New Deal
The Greenpeace Business Report
Furious NGOs Sue French Government over Carbon Tax Retreat
Climate Skeptics: The Despised Minority
The World Is Bored with Climate Change
Germany 's Green Transition Has Hit a Brick Wall
Can Wind and Solar Replace Fossil Fuels?
Sustainable Fuels Unlikely to Replace Hydrocarbons for Air Travel
Organic Food Worse for the Climate

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