What We Do & History

Friends of Science Society is a non-profit society, run by active and retired earth and atmospheric scientists, engineers, economists, and other energy business experts, supported by a handful of contracted services.  Our Canadian scientific adviser is Dr. Madhav Khandekar, a 40 year veteran research scientist of Environment Canada, past IPCC expert reviewer, author of over 160 peer-reviewed papers, past WMO regional expert and acknowledged world expert on the monsoon phenomenon.  We network with a number of esteemed climate scientists and energy policy experts from around the world and we work closely with CLINTEL, the international climate intelligence group of over 980 scientists and scholars.

Friends of Science Society offers insights on climate science and related energy policies for the public and policy makers.

We do extensive literature research on these scientific subjects and issue a bimonthly Climate science review “Cli-Sci”, along with “Extracts” our energy/politics news round-up to our members.

The Society was formed early in 2002 to challenge the questionable science and destructive economic impacts inherent  in the politically inspired Kyoto Protocol.  We offer evidence that challenges the premises of catastrophic human-caused global warming and climate change and present the broader picture of natural factors that drive climate change.

Friends of Science Society is concerned at the shift in recent years away from air and water pollution as valid and important environmental issues, to a societal and policy focus almost exclusively on climate change and a singular focus on "carbon dioxide" as the driver and cause. This current obsession is misguided in that climate fluctuations are mostly driven by natural phenomena like solar cycles and influences, ocean cycles, and naturally changing atmospheric oscillations. Humans contribute to climate change, mostly regionally, through land use, Urban Heat Island, water diversion and industrial activity.  Throughout time, human adaptation and innovation to changing climate patterns has been fundamental to our survival.  Adaptation should be emphasized rather than focusing on misguided attempts at controlling the climate through carbon taxes or low-carbon policies.

Friends of Science Society does not represent any industry or political group.  We operate on a very limited budget derived from membership dues and donations.  Our supporters contribute to support the educational outreach we are doing on climate science and energy policy implications.  We work to educate the public through the dissemination of relevant and objective information on climate change.  We support real environmental solutions rather than focusing on misguided unattainable attempts at climate control.

Friends of Science values your input.  If you are as concerned as we are about global climate and energy policies based on politicized science and the influence of green crony capitalists, please become a member.  Join Friends of Science to spark open, civil debate on climate change science and related policies.

Note: Friends of Science Society is a non-profit, not a charity, and therefore cannot issue tax receipts for donations.

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